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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Does clarity matter with pave diamond rings?

Does clarity matter with pave diamond rings?

I’m interested in the Fishtail Pave setting with truth head from Brian Gavin and it’s a bit more than I was hoping to spend. The diamond quality is stated as being VS in clarity and F-G in color, I’m wondering how much does clarity matter with pave diamond rings? The accent diamonds seem to be pretty small, so I’m thinking that it should be all right to downgrade the quality of the diamonds to SI-2 or possibly even I-1 because that is the diamond clarity of some similar settings that I’ve seen online.

Diamond clarity matters for pave diamond rings:

The clarity of accent diamonds used in pave set diamond rings will affect the overall look of the ring to some degree, the diamond clarity that you suggest is likely to face-up like crushed ice and probably isn’t the look that you’re hoping for. Just because some online vendors choose to use lower quality accent diamonds in their engagement rings doesn’t mean that you should settle for accent diamonds that look dull and lifeless.

Why does Brian Gavin use high quality melee?

Brian Gavin uses high quality melee accent diamonds because the most important characteristic of the Diamond 4C’s is Diamond Cut Quality. Brian Gavin Signature Melee diamonds are cut to the same exacting standards as larger Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds, thus you are assured that the accent diamonds set in the ring will look just as stunning as the center stone!

Brian Gavin decided to use F-G color, VS clarity, melee cut diamonds as accent diamonds in Brian Gavin Signature settings because this combination of color and clarity represents a good middle ground for the range of color that Brian Gavin Signature diamonds are available in.

How critical is it that center stone and accent color match?

People often ask how critical is it that the color of the center stone match the accent diamonds, so I might as well cover that in this blog post since the topics are closely related.

In my experience it is not critical that the color of the center diamond closely match the color of the accent diamonds, because our eyes seem to be drawn to the larger center stone, as this is the primary focal point of the ring.

I’ve seen plenty of K-L-M color Brian Gavin Signature diamonds set in settings that contain F-G color Brian Gavin Signature melee cut diamonds and they look perfectly fine.

You might not be aware that truly well cut diamonds tend to face-up whiter than their color grade when viewed under most lighting scenarios, this is because they exhibit a higher volume of light return, and the sparkle is larger, bolder, and brighter, which has the tendency to limit our perception of diamond color.

Keep in mind that diamonds are graded for color, or more accurately for an absence of color, while being judged from a side profile, set upside down on a white color sorting tray, and evaluated under the controlled light of a GIA Diamond Light, in a room that is otherwise completely dark. In this specific environment, it is much easier to discern the subtle differences between diamond colors.

However out in the real world, all your apt to see is the magnificent light return and sparkle factor of the diamond… But lower clarity diamonds such as I-1 and some SI-2 clarity diamonds can look a bit like crushed ice or rock quartz in smaller sizes, and thus we decided not to use them in Brian Gavin Signature settings.

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