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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Do Platinum and 14K White Gold Match?

Do Platinum and 14K White Gold Match?

“Hello, I recently got engaged and I have been looking at wedding bands. I got my fiancé a Platinum 6-prong "Tiffany" replica as the engagement ring and she loves it. She mentioned that she would like something like a bead set band which is dainty and looks nice with her e-ring. Because I got her a platinum e-ring, it doesn't seem right for me to go with 14k white gold for her band, or does it? I guess I'm wondering how much it would cost to custom make a ring as the attached picture. Size 4.25 Thank you! –TK”

Mixing and Matching Metals for Wedding Sets:

While there are many combinations of different metal types that do go well together, I wouldn’t pair up 14k white gold with platinum. The reason is because platinum and white gold look just different enough for it not to look right. Platinum tends to be a bit greyer and duller in tone, especially as it is worn and develops a patina finish. While 14k and 18k white gold tend to look brighter and shinier.

And on that note, I wouldn’t pair up 14k white gold with 18k white gold either. Once again, they look just different enough to catch my eye. Different alloy types also have different degrees of hardness, so it is best to solder rings together so that they don’t rub against each other. When this is not possible, then it’s best if the alloy types are all the same. For example, wear platinum with platinum, 18k with 18k gold, and 14k with 14k gold.

Lots of people like to mix and match the color of their engagement and wedding bands. For instance, you might enjoy wearing a white gold engagement ring with a yellow or rose gold band. Platinum also looks really good next to rose gold and yellow gold, so you could order her wedding band in those colors. But if she wants the diamond band to be white in color, then I’d order a platinum band to go with the platinum solitaire.

Diamond band for 6 prong classic solitaire:

Our most popular matching band for the classic 6 prong solitaire is the Legera band by Brian Gavin. It is just the right width, so it looks great with a solitaire engagement ring. It’s not too large, nor too small. Plus, we set the ring with Brian Gavin Signature melee diamonds, so that the accent diamonds sparkle as much as the center stone!

We also offer the Legera setting as an engagement ring, for people who want diamonds on the e-ring as well. While the ring set is pictured here with 4 prongs, we also offer it with four prongs for people who prefer that option.

Of course, we’re always happy to custom design and make a custom wedding band for you. However, we can’t copy the work of another designer, nor do we want them to copy our designs. What we can do is create a custom design for you, which incorporates various design elements which you find most appealing. Contact our customer service division to discuss this further.

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