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Diamonds, Proposals, & Engagement Rings on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Engagement Ideas

St. Patrick's Day is not generally considered a romantic time to propose. The holiday is more often associated with green beer and leprechauns, leaving little room for romance. St. Patrick's Day is also upstaged by its one-month predecessor, Valentine's Day, as the holiday for love. However, February 14th has become the cliche day to propose due to its overly romantic nature, while March 17th remains a unique proposal date that will guarantee to surprise your future bride.

St. Patrick's Day Engagement Ring Cut

There are 10 unique diamond shapes commonly used in the setting of an engagement ring. While round brilliant is the most popular shape, choosing a more unique shows your bride to be that you put extra thought into the design of the ring. The emerald cut is classic yet stunning and embraces the St. Patrick's Day theme.

An emerald shaped diamond is considered a "fancy" shape since the cut has more variation than classic round diamonds. This cut is known for its ability to emphasize the clarity of the diamond and can vary in rectangular shape, ensuring that your engagement ring is both beautiful and unique.

St. Patrick's Day Engagement Ring Color

Contrary to popular belief, a diamond can come in multiple colors. The color of the diamond is altered depending on the other underground elements that were near the store as it was forming. Natural elements can create changes in the diamonds commonly clear appearance, even resulting in a green diamond. An enchanting green diamond engagement ring is a daily reminder for your spouse of the day you began planning your future together.

If you want something more traditional, consider adding emerald gemstones to the setting of the engagement ring. You can add variety to a classic clear diamond with green side stones. This creates a custom engagement ring that embraces the holiday of your proposal.

St. Patrick's Day Proposal Ideas

St. Patrick's Day provides a great opportunity to gather with family and friends and celebrate Irish heritage. This is also a great time to plan a proposal that involves everyone you care about. Create a sign that asks, "Will You Marry Me?" and arrange family and friends to hold each letter while you get down on one knee. This is a great idea if you had already planned a group outing for St. Patrick's Day since your future bride will not be suspicious of the large group of people.

If you would like a more private proposal, surprise her over breakfast. Purchase Lucky Charms cereal to celebrate the holiday and place the ring inside of the box. The ring will fall into her cereal bowl as she prepares her breakfast, catching her completely off guard and impressing her with your proposal creativity.

Regardless of how and when you choose to propose, be sure to consult the team at Brian Gavin Diamonds on the perfect ring to match your bride's unique personality and taste. You don't have to find a pot of gold to purchase an engagement ring from Brian Gavin Diamonds. Their friendly team will be happy to assist you in finding a ring that is both beautiful and within your non-leprechaun budget.

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