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March Diamond Madness is Here
March Diamond Madness is Here

Diamonds Inch by Inch - Let Me See That 'Round Your Neck

A picture is worth a thousand words (or even 1000 emails) and if you need a picture to help you make that special purchase Brian Gavin's Team is here to help! We often get customers who would LOVE to see how one of our pairs of earrings look on some ear lobes or a how one of our beautiful diamond pendants looks around a neck. These are more commonly known as "ear-shots" or "neck-shots". Today, we decided to share a "Kill Two Birds With One Stone" Shot :) Customers will also frequently ask us what size diamonds should they put into a pendant or around a necklace. Wallah! This detailed picture not only shows how our beautiful Diamonds Inch by Inch necklaces lie on one's neck.

Diamonds By The Yard Necklaces with Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

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