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How to Create a Magnetic Relationship (using Polarium)

How to Create a Magnetic Relationship (using Polarium)

They say that opposites attract and if you think back to elementary school, you will recall that this is true. Do you remember the science experiments you conducted with magnets? Those were interesting times, were they not?

I remember being mesmerized by the powerful effects that magnets had upon different types of metal. And confused by how some metals did not seem to be affected by the magnet at all. Did you ever have the opportunity to run a magnet around under a table top with a bunch of metal shavings on top? That was pretty amazing, huh?

Looking back upon that time, I realize that those lessons in magnetism taught us more than we realized. We weren’t just learning about how different metals react to one another. We were learning the principles of attraction, which is something that affects every part of our lives.

Throughout our lives, there have been people and things which we were instantly attracted to, and ideas that made sense right from the beginning. And there have been other ideas, people, and things which repelled us right from the start.

Why is that? Could it be that magnetic attraction and polarization are just a natural universal truth that affects all things? And if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how those principles apply to simple things, like your wedding rings?

Polarium is the Bond that Connects Two Souls:

polarium magnetic tri band set from steven kretchmerImagine. Two halves of a wedding ring coming together to create a complete circle. Does that concept remind you of anything? After all, a good marriage is built upon the sum of the parts, and it all begins with a relationship built upon your magnetic personalities.

Now imagine a wedding band that represents the whole of your magnetic relationship perfectly. A wedding ring that consists of multiple pieces that seam together perfectly and which are held together by magnetic attraction. Thankfully, you can do more than imagine it, you can wear it every day.

Introducing Polarium Platinum Wedding Bands by Steven Kretchmer:

changeable magnetic polarium wedding band setPolarium is a platinum alloy created by jewelry designer Steven Kretchmer. Polarium is an alloy that consists of 777 parts-per-thousand platinum. Kretchmer created a process that polarizes the metal which makes it powerfully magnetic.

These changeable wedding bands by Steven Kretchmer Designs blend the power of polarium with the beauty of 24k gold inlay to create a stunning combination. The inlayed pattern of yellow gold changes depending on how you position the two halves of the ring. You can also set a third spacer band in the middle to create more unique patterns.

The Magical Properties of Polarium:

half round 3 piece diamond wedding band polarium set from steven kretchmerThe word “magnet” in Chinese means love stone. Like the force of love, Polarium exhibits the mystical power of attraction that brings two individual objects together to create one.

Look closely and you will see that this half-round wedding band by Steven Kretchmer with diamonds in the middle consists of three individual pieces. Which means that you could wear the two halves as one, and then add-in the diamond eternity band on special occasions, or when you just feel like spicing things up a bit.

Brian Gavin Diamonds is thrilled to be able to offer the entire collection of Steven Kretchmer engagement rings and wedding bands. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful ways you wear your Steven Kretchmer design in the photographs you post on social media. Please be sure to tag @BrianGavinDiamonds so that we’re sure to see them!

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