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Colored Gemstones Make For Spectacular Custom Engagement Rings

Julie's Pave and Side Stone Colored Stone Engagement RingWhen the time comes for the popping of that big, romantic, life changing question, the ring that accompanies the proposal should be as special and memorable as the moment itself. When searching for that special ring, it would be a mistake not to consider the idea of having it custom made. A custom design truly allows for a lot of freedom of expression, resulting in a lifelong piece of jewelry that says exactly what you are feeling - and will continue to feel.

Colored gemstones open up a lot of design possibilities for custom engagement rings. These stones come in a wide variety of shades and a healthy selection of different stones. Even if your preference remains with a diamond, there are beautiful and exciting color options outside of the traditional white diamonds.

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds come in colors other than white, and these sparklers can create some fantastic designs. Diamond shades include yellow, champagne, chocolate and the quite rare pink diamonds. Any of these colored diamonds would add an exotic touch of uniqueness to your engagement ring.

Colored Gemstones

Diamonds are not, of course, the only colored stones. An engagement ring featuring blue or pink sapphires, red rubies or green emeralds could also be very stunning. The variety of stones and colors is almost endless. When putting together your ideas for that special engagement ring, it is a good idea to carefully consider all the different options of types of stones, as well as their variety of colors.

Yellow Gold Two Tone Pave Engagement Ring

Your Jewelry Designer

The most important thing, however, when electing to have your engagement ring custom made is to make sure that the person doing your customization is experienced and talented, and has a strong history of satisfied custom design customers and an impeccable reputation in the industry. This is why visiting Brian Gavin Diamonds should be your first step in creating that special custom, colored stone engagement ring.

Brian Gavin is a fifth generation diamond cutter, having learned the trade in his family's diamond factory in South Africa, which is home to some of the most pristine diamonds in the world. Brian is a master diamond cutter, with a long history of creating some of the most imaginative and beautiful designs found anywhere. His team at Brian Gavin Diamonds are people that truly enjoy the experience of helping put together custom ring designs that will have a wonderful impact on the lives of a couple for the rest of their lives.

With the big day coming up, make sure to take a serious look at the idea of having a custom engagement ring designed with a beautiful colored gemstone. To make sure the design lives up to - and exceeds - your expectations, allow Brian Gavin and his team to be a part of your special experience.

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