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Can I wear a mismatched engagement ring and wedding band?

Can I wear a mismatched engagement ring and wedding band?

“My boyfriend-now-fiancé just proposed with a stunning solitaire style diamond engagement ring from Brian Gavin. Let me begin by saying that I’m completely over the moon! I love my ring! The diamond sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen before! I never imagined that a diamond could possibly look so stunning! I’m wondering whether you think it is all right to wear a mismatched engagement ring and wedding band? I recently inherited my grandmother’s vintage diamond wedding band and I’d love to wear it to honor her memory. My grandparents had such a wonderful marriage, but the ring styles obviously don’t match. What do you think?”

Mix and Match Those Wedding Bands!

This photograph shows a classic 3 stone diamond engagement ring, stacked together with a milgrain bezel set diamond eternity ring, and a classic half round wedding band. From a traditional sense, I suppose that we could describe this scenario as consisting of a mismatched engagement ring and wedding bands, but frankly I think these rings look fantastic together. Very vogue and trendy. Personally, I don’t see a need to match engagement rings and wedding bands perfectly, it’s really all a matter of personal taste.

While all of the rings pictured above are made of rose gold, the reality is that they would look just as good if they were made of different metals. I’ve seen lots of clients wearing a mixture of platinum, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Pretty much anything goes these days, just wear whatever you think looks good together.

mismatched-engagement-ring-and-wedding-band-classic-solitaire-brian-gavinWhich I suppose brings us to the most important question. When you put your grandmother’s wedding band on next to your classic solitaire by Brian Gavin, how do you think they look next to each other? One of the advantages offered by the classic solitaire is that it’s a traditional style engagement ring that tends to look great with everything! We’ve got clients who wear this ring style with practically everything… they wear it next to a traditional half-round wedding band, elaborate diamond eternity rings, multi-colored gem anniversary bands, I can’t think of a single ring style that doesn’t go with this ring style. Which is probably why your boyfriend picked it!

Vintage Wedding Band Care:

I want to take a second to say that I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re going to wear your grandmother’s vintage wedding band as a tribute to her exceptional marriage. Since the ring is obviously very special to you and your family, I want to invite you to send the ring to Brian Gavin Diamonds for inspection and cleaning before you wear it.

One of the challenges with vintage jewelry is that stones are frequently loose and prongs often need to be tightened, adjusted, or re-tipped. Obviously you don’t want to risk losing any of the diamonds set in the ring, so be sure to have the ring inspected and professionally cleaned prior to wearing it. Once the rings are cleaned and polished, perhaps you’d like to share a picture of the rings on our Facebook page! I’m positive that a lot of our clients will be excited to see how they look together!

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