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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Buying Guide: Sapphire & Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Buying Guide: Sapphire & Diamond 3 Stone Ring

“Can you suggest some options for a sapphire 3 stone ring? My girlfriend wants a round diamond center stone, with blue sapphires on the side. I don’t see anything like this in your collection of engagement rings, but imagine that you can custom design one for me. I realize that blue sapphires come in a variety of hues and colors, she prefers what a local jeweler described as medium electric blue. Hopefully that makes sense, and let’s you know what we’re looking for in terms of color and quality. One thing we’re trying to figure out, is the best ratio of accent stone to center stone. Do you have any recommendations or some kind of reference chart?”

Selecting a Sapphire 3 stone ring design:

Fortunately putting together a sapphire 3 stone ring from Brian Gavin is as easy as selecting any three stone ring design from our extensive online catalog. Then just let us know that you’d like to build the ring with sapphire side stones instead of diamonds. Brian Gavin will select the perfect pair of blue sapphires for accent stones.

So while we don’t have a lot of sapphire 3 stone rings pictured in our catalog, the reality is that any three stone ring design can be made with sapphire side stones. Each ring is custom made to fit the diamonds and gemstones selected for the ring, so you are always assured that the ring will look fantastic.

The description of sapphires which are medium electric blue makes perfect sense to us. That is also my preferred hue and color of blue sapphire. It is actually the color of sapphire pictured in the sapphire 3 stone ring pictured above. It represents a range of quality that provides a nice, medium blue color that is rich in hue and saturation, with great clarity.

Ratio of accent to center stone size:

There is actually a blog post from awhile back which provides examples of the ratio of accent to center stone sizes. Ultimately, it is about selecting whatever ratio of center stone to accent stone size that appeals to your personal sense of balance. But we’ve provided examples of the more common and popular combinations in that article.

While I understand that you’re looking for a sapphire 3 stone ring which features a diamond center stone and sapphire accents, I want to mention for other people who might read this blog post, that it is also possible to build a sapphire 3 stone ring with a sapphire center stone and diamond accents. We can build three stone rings using any combination of gemstones that a client desires, because every ring is custom made.

Thus if somebody wanted a ruby 3 stone ring, we could build it. Or if somebody wanted a diamond center stone and Tanzanite accent stones, we could do that also. Whatever combination of diamonds and colored gems you desire… just talk with one of our customer service representatives, who will be happy to help you locate the gemstones necessary to complete the ring.

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