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buyers guide to modern engagement rings

Buyers Guide to Modern Engagement Rings

“I’m shopping for an engagement ring. Big surprise, right? As you might imagine, I’m trying to keep the whole process a secret and maintain the element of surprise. Thus far I’ve managed to fly well under the radar, I’ve avoided all mention of engagement rings, and not succumbed to the urge to ask her friends or sisters for advice. But I really thought I was busted the other day, when I noticed that she was flipping through the Modern Engagement Rings board on Pinterest. Which of course, I then looked up myself today at work, hoping that it would provide me with some sort of insight as to what her preference might be. No such luck, that thing appears to be as scattered as the brains of a squirrel. Nevertheless, it is a clue of sorts, she obviously prefers the concept of a modern engagement ring. What do you recommend?”

The modern engagement ring:

All right, so the thing about Pinterest is that those boards are kind of a broad strokes concept. People stuff all sorts of things into them, they tend not to be as concise as you might be hoping for. It’s possible that your girlfriend soon-to-be-fiancé just happened to trip across it while looking for something else, or simply saw a picture of one ring that she liked.

Take a look at the Pinterest board for Brian Gavin, you’ll discover that it covers a broad range of styles and clicking on one board is likely to lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole, to another, and another, and yet another to infinity. Which is why it would be extremely beneficial to have a better idea of what style of modern engagement ring your fiancé prefers.

The reality is that any engagement ring that is not vintage, might be deemed a modern engagement ring. That phrase does not refer to any specific ring style, or method of design or craftsmanship. It could be used to accurately describe a classic six prong solitaire, a halo setting, or something a little more modern looking, like this Spiral of Love tension setting. Using tension to hold a diamond in-place like this is certainly a concept that is more modern. Then again, so is using state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) to create the three dimensional models that we rely upon in our custom jewelry manufacturing division.

Putting a modern spin on the e-ring:

Now that I think about it, the reality is that every ring style offered by Brian Gavin is technically a modern engagement ring. Every one of them is designed using CAD, then cast using the most modern, state-of-the-art casting equipment and hand finished using the best equipment, by skilled craftsmen of the modern era.

Then of course, we have the full line of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds and the new Black by Brian Gavin diamonds. While Brian Gavin might benefit from the rich history of being a fifth generation diamond cutter, the reality is that none of precision cut quality would be possible without the significant advantages provided by the modern era.

Rather than wrack your brain trying to figure out what style of modern engagement ring your fiancé might prefer, I suggest we stick to the basics. Let us help you select a spectacular looking diamond, and either set that in a classic solitaire engagement ring, or perhaps something a little more elaborate.

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