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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
buyers guide - tension set engagement rings

Buyers Guide: Tension Set engagement rings

My girlfriend and I really like the look of tension set engagement rings. Does Brian Gavin offer tension set engagement rings? We’re interested in a tension set ring design that frames the diamond from two sides in kind of a bridge style, imagine the look created if you were to hold a diamond between your two hands, with them positioned so that the thumb on your right finger were pointing up, and the thumb on your left hand were pointing down, hopefully that makes sense.

The challenge with tension set engagement rings:

Tension set engagement rings are extremely popular with our clients. People love the way that their Brian Gavin Signature diamond looks, suspended in air between two opposing sides of the ring. There are no prongs to get caught on, nor any bezels to hide the edge of the diamond.

At the same time, traditional tension set engagement rings are not without their challenges. Creating the right amount of tension to suspend a diamond in mid-air, requires the perfect blend of heating and cooling the metal.

Tension settings can lose their tension, if the ring is over-heated ever-so-slightly. This can occur while the ring is being polished, by a local jeweler who might not be familiar with the intricate nature of tension set diamond rings.

With this in mind, Brian Gavin chose to sit back and observe the situation for some time. This gave him the opportunity to study the work of different designers. At the end of the day, the legacy of Stephen Kretchmer Designs came out at the head of the pack.

Tension Settings by Stephen Kretchmer:

Brian Gavin is proud to offer Tension Set Diamond Engagement Rings by Stephen Kretchmer Designs. We’ve been watching the evolution of this brand for quite some time now. Stephen was one of the original designers of tension set diamond rings.

The legacy which he created during his lifetime, is carried on by his family. They offer several variations of tension settings, which provide the look you seek. Brian Gavin will be happy to help you find just the right diamond for a tension set ring.

The characteristics of the diamond have to be just right, because the edge of the diamond is going to be subjected to about 12,000 pounds per square inch. At the same time, tension set engagement rings allow even more light to enter the diamond. This tends to make our diamonds face-up even brighter, so that they exhibit even more brilliance and dispersion!

What Makes Stephen Kretchmer Tension Settings Special:

Tension-Set™ jewelry by Steven Kretchmer is the only tension setting that has been awarded U.S. patents. The patented technology involves the use of specific compositions of precious metal alloys, subsequently processed by extremely effective precision heat-treatments.

Imitators cannot make these claims. Many jewelry designers attempt to imitate the look of Kretchmer Designs, but the security of your diamond lies in the craftsmanship and skill required to make a proper tension setting, not the look of the design.

At the same time, it is also important that the right people maintain the look of your tension set engagement ring. Not just any jeweler can design a tension set ring, and very few jewelers know the right way to clean and polish one.

Which is why your tension set engagement ring by Stephen Kretchmer, should only be polished and maintained by Stephen Kretchmer. The same principle holds true for any Brian Gavin Signature engagement ring.

The lifetime warranty is dependent on Brian Gavin being the only jeweler to service the ring. This is pretty standard stuff when it comes to custom design jewelry, but we’re actually okay with your local jeweler cleaning your Brian Gavin ring. Just don’t let them work on it…

Faux Tension Set Engagement Rings:

It goes without saying that while we think they look amazing, a traditional tension set engagement ring might not be for everyone. You might want the look of a tension setting, without the concerns that some people have about tension settings.

Brian Gavin Faux Tension Set Engagement Rings Design - Spiral of LoveThe Spiral Love setting by Brian Gavin provides the look of a tension set engagement ring, without the need to subject the diamond to that type of tension. The setting features a low-profile bezel, which sets beneath the diamond, and holds the two sides of the ring firmly in-place.

From a top down vantage point, the Spiral Love setting by Brian Gavin looks like a traditional tension set engagement ring. Thus, it appears as if the diamond center stone is floating in mid-air. However, you can rest assured that the diamond is set firmly in-place, and not have to be concerned about the setting losing tension.

Of course, stone loss is always a possibility with any type of setting, and that is why it is important to always obtain specific insurance coverage for your diamond engagement ring.

Where to buy insurance for your e-ring:

Jewelry insurance for your tension set or traditional style diamond engagement ring can usually be added to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy for a minimal cost. It is also available from companies like Jewelers Mutual.

Note that we are not an insurance agent, nor affiliated with Jewelers Mutual, we are merely aware of this policy, which several clients have secured to protect their investment.

Be aware that it is a good idea to have your diamond engagement ring inspected twice per year by a qualified jeweler, to ensure that the structure of the ring is sound, and that there is no metal stress, or other signs of wear that might result in stone loss.

The easiest way to remember when to have your ring checked, is to simply take it to a local jeweler when daylight savings time takes effect… But remember that your tension set engagement ring should only be polished and/or adjusted by the designer who created it.

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