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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Damascus Wood Grain pattern, six prong setting, four 0.02 carat round diamond accent stones, slightly rounded profile, comfort fit interior by Chris Ploof

Buyers Guide: Damascus Steel Rings and Bands

And now for something completely different… Introducing Damascus Steel rings and bands designed by Chris Ploof for Brian Gavin Diamonds. These engagement rings and wedding bands are the stuff of legends.

Damascus Steel is the legendary material that Viking and Samurai swords and knives were made from. It is named after the celebrated swordsmiths of Damascus, Syria who invented Damascus Steel.

And while the Damascus Steel used to make these incredible looking rings and wedding bands is every bit as strong and durable as the original, it is even better because modern techniques improve the longevity because we use stainless steel in the fabrication process.

This ensures that our Damascus Steel engagement rings and wedding bands possess all the durability of traditional Damascus Steel, and yet end up being even stronger, because they do not corrode like regular steel.

Where did Damascus Steel come from?

As stated previously, Damascus Steel was invented by the swordsmiths of Damascus, Syria. If you’ve ever watched a movie about Vikings or Samurai, then you are familiar with the legends of Damascus Steel. And who doesn’t want their engagement ring and wedding band to be legendary?

Damascus steel ring: Kona pattern, slightly rounded profile, black oxide finish, comfort fit interiorCreating Damascus Steel involves forging multiple layers of two different steel alloys together to form one solid piece. Due to it’s amazing strength and incredible beauty, it seems only natural that Damascus Steel rings and bands would find their way into the realm of jewelry.

Using tremendous force and substantial talent and skill, Chris Ploof transforms Damascus Steel into stunning engagement rings and wedding bands for a new Brian Gavin collection. The union of two different metals, creates incredibly unique, one of a kind, patterns that are similar to those found in Japanese Mokume Gane rings and bands.

How to Clean Damascus Steel Rings and Bands:

Regardless of what type of jewelry you wear on a daily basis, it is important to know how to clean it properly. You wouldn’t use a cleaning product designed to clean a tile countertop, to clean a sub-zero stainless-steel refrigerator.

Which brings us to an interesting point, did you know that exposure to chlorine bleach is bad for all types of jewelry? Whether your ring or wedding band is made of gold, palladium, platinum, stainless steel, or any other type of metal, you should take it off and store it in a secure location, while using any household cleaners containing bleach. You should also avoid wearing your jewelry while relaxing in the hot tub, or swimming in a pool.

Bleach actually reacts with different metal alloys, leaching it out and weakening the structure of jewelry. It can lead to stones being lost, and pitting and corrosion of the base metals.

Commercially available solutions are readily available for cleaning jewelry. One of the most popular is Connoisseur’s Jewelry Cleaner, which is available right in the cleaning aisle of many grocery stores. That works perfectly fine, and there is even a handy little basket inside the jar with a pedestal for the ring to rest upon.

Please note that due to the unique nature of the way that Damascus Steel rings are finished and polished, that you should contact us for this type of routine maintenance.

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