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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds

Buy a Halo Setting for Your Diamond

Kristin Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Hand Shot

You can take advantage of the luxuries that people had in the beginning of the 20th century by opting for a halo setting. This vintage ring design features a prominent center stone that is surrounded by several smaller stones. The center stone is available in basic shapes like squares and circles.

How Did The Halo Setting Evolve?

The First World War brought a lot of social and economic hardship for people around the world. The cultural landscape was greatly impacted and reflected the culture of the time. After World War I, in the 1920s and 30s, the Art Deco aesthetic was prevalent in various art forms. This movement was seen as a reaction to the deprivation witnessed by people during the First World War. The Art Deco aesthetic was marked by opulence and bold geometric shapes to mark a return to normalcy in society. During this time, the Halo engagement ring settings evolved as the preferred ring designs in engagement and bridal jewelry.

A border of small stones, surrounding a single large center stone, marks the opulent design of a Halo setting. The preferred shape of the center stone is usually the round shaped diamond. Center stones are also available in pear shape, square shape or cushion cut diamonds.

Custom Halo Setting

Brian Gavin Diamonds, provides many design options in custom diamond halo settings to suit your individual taste. These include regular shapes like round and cushion cut diamonds as well as unique shapes like princess cut and radiant cut diamonds in halo settings. The store features a halo diamond design with 10 channel set diamonds on either side of the center stone, half way around the band, apart from diamonds in the halo itself, giving the ring a more luxurious look.

Halo Settings by Brian Gavin Diamonds

No matter what the occasion, women who possess rings with a halo setting will continue to impress people in their social circles. They will be inspired by the elegance and sparkle that the ring brings into their lives.

The halo setting tricks the eye into believing that the diamond is bigger than it actually is. Be sure to select a metal that compliments the center stone. There are different metals you can choose from including white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

You can create a unique, affordable ring by using a gemstone as your center stone. You can use other precious stones like a splendid sapphire, ruby or an emerald as the center stone of your halo setting.

There are many innovative designs that maintain the basic concept of a vintage halo style and provide stunning ring designs. Brian Gavin Diamonds has come up with one such unique design - the Kristin custom split shank halo diamond engagement ring. This ring has a unique pave setting with a diamond melee that defines the round center stone. The split shank of the ring provides an elegant symmetry for the ring and the yellow gold of the band gives a classy look to the ring.

Indulge in the luxuries of a diamond ring with a halo setting and watch as you turn heads in your social circle.

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