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Beware of Phony Hearts and Arrows Diamond Images

The Question

We were recently asked about 2 of the Hearts pictures of our Brian Gavin Signature H&A diamonds:

These are not Phony Hearts and Arrows Images These are not Phony Diamond Hearts Images

The customer asked: "I noticed... both stones' Heart images have some white hearts and some hazy colored ones. Should I be concerned?"

The Answer

There is no reason to be concerned. When searching hearts and arrows diamonds Beware of phony hearts and arrows images! The graphic below clearly illustrates an untouched Hearts image and a photoshopped Hearts image.

Untouched and Retouched Hearts and Arrows Images

Sufing the web, you will see that there are many Hearts and Arrows vendors out there who touch up their Hearts and Arrows images. Some touch up all of their H&A images, while others pick and choose. One of the reasons this may be done is to cover up imperfect Hearts and Arrows patterning. Here at Brian Gavin Diamonds we show you EXACTLY what your Hearts and Arrows diamond will look like.


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