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Up To 25% Off Lab Diamonds
Up To 25% Off Lab Diamonds
Best value engagement ring for $2500

Best value engagement ring for $2500

“I’m looking for the best value engagement ring I can get for about $2500 with a center stone from the Brian Gavin Signature round collection. I’ve been researching diamonds for awhile now, and have reached the conclusion that Brian Gavin offers the best value in terms of the light performance provided by the exceptional cut quality exhibited by his diamonds. I realize that people judge the value of things differently, you’d think that my limited budget would mean that my primary focus is on price, but it’s actually on visual performance. I believe that good things come in small packages, so I’m not concerned about size. But I’m sure you’ll help me balance that factor, as well as taking color in clarity into account to help me achieve balance.”

Incredible engagement ring for $2500:

You’re absolutely correct. Good things do come in small packages, which is why every Brian Gavin Signature diamond is cut to the same exacting standards, regardless of carat weight. This means that the BGD Signature round diamond that you purchase is going to deliver the highest volume of light return and incredible sparkle factor, regardless of carat weight. This tapered classic half round setting from Brian Gavin seemed like the perfect place to begin this project. It sells for only $850.00 in 18k white gold. This 0.608 carat, I-color, SI-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond which is available as an advance order from the factory is a perfect center stone.

Although the diamond is not quite finished yet, we’ve got a lot of experience producing diamonds, thus we’re able to accurately predict what the finished proportions of the diamond will be. An overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 is guaranteed, as is the fact that it will exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows. These are the production standards by which all Brian Gavin Signature diamonds are measured.

Check-in process for BGD Advance Selection Diamonds:

The check-in and evaluation process for Brian Gavin Advance Selection diamonds is exactly the same as it is for every other BGD Signature diamond. Upon completion of the diamond, it will be shipped to the AGS Laboratory for grading. Upon completion, it will be sent to our office in Houston, Texas, where it will be carefully evaluated and photographed. We’ll build the diamond details page and provide you with a link for your review.

The only difference between Brian Gavin Advance Selection diamonds and BGD Signature diamonds which are already in-stock and available for immediate shipment, is that the advance selection diamonds take about 14 business days to be finished. The production standards are exactly the same, the evaluation process is exactly the same, the overall cut quality of the diamonds is also exactly the same.

It’s simply that the demand for Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds is so high, that we thought it might be helpful for people to know what is coming off the wheel. This gives people a chance to know what is in-production at the factory, and to decide which of the available options best suits their needs.

In this instance, I think that the best option for your preferences and price range, is the Brian Gavin Advance Selection diamond referenced above. The combination of clarity and color enable you to maximize the carat weight of the center stone, while sacrificing nothing in terms of light performance!

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