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Up To 20% Off - BG Curated Collection of Natural Diamonds - No Coupon Required

April Fools Ideas with Diamonds and Engagement Rings

Traditionally, April Fools Day is not closely associated with marriage proposals and other romantic overtures. For those of us who like to think differently and enjoy some fun with our romance, this holiday of laughter is the perfect time to break out a little romanticism as a complement to the giggles.

  • April Fool Without You - On April Fools Day have a very concerned expression on your face. When your special someone asks you what is wrong, seem conflicted and say that you've had a lot on your mind lately. Tell her that sometimes things don't work out in relationships like you thought they might.
    Before you give her real, stressful cause for concern, break out the engagement ring and tell her that your relationship is working out BETTER than you could have ever imagined and that you would have to be the King Fool not to ask her to spend the rest of your life with her.
  • Living The April Fool Life - Get into the spirit of the holiday; become the April Fool. Buy yourself a jester's hat and act the fool, to the possible delight and certain concern of your special someone. Then, while doing an ultra-lame magic trick, pull a ring box - instead of a rabbit - out of a hat. This will work well for a proposal or just as a gift-giving occasion.
  • The Annoying Prankster - Go out to a local joke shop or novelty place and buy all the lame gags you can find; squirting flowers, handshake buzzers, whoope cushions and anything else that treads the line between funny and annoying. After a full day of surviving your ridiculous pranks, your sweetheart will be understandably skeptical about your motivations.
    At the end of the day, produce a ring box and with a mischievous laugh, tell her to open it. She will, in all likelihood, refuse. Get her attention and open it for her. The look on her face will be priceless as you propose, as she will have never seen this coming; instead expecting something to have jumped out of the box at her.

These are just a few suggestions, but you get the idea. Be creative and you can turn a holiday that is not noted for any type of romantic deeds into a very special day for you and your beloved.

When picking out that special ring for your April Fools Day surprise, make sure to let the friendly team at Brian Gavin Diamonds help you to select just the right ring so you won't look the fool when you pop open that ring case. Brian Gavin is a fifth generation, very respected and admired master diamond cutter. His many years of experience in the diamond business have helped him to create some of the world's finest cut diamonds and unique, original designs.

Brian and his entire team would like nothing better than to be a part of your April Fools surprise. Whether to persue their impressive selection of only the finest diamond jewelry or to have a unique, custom design created, contact them today and set the wheels in motion for a first of April that the both of you will remember forever...and not for the squirting lapel flower.

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