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American Gem Society

American Gem Society launches fun with jewelry promotion

The American Gem Society (AGS) has launched a fun with jewelry promotion that is intended to provide a fun and entertaining way to teach people about diamonds, precious gems, and jewelry. The application which is designed in game format consist of three sections:

AGS Quizzes provides fun way to learn about jewelry:

The description provided at the top of the page for the game section titled “AGS Quizzes” is as follows: “Are you an Elizabeth Taylor-level jewelry expert or just now learning the difference between carats and karats? How well do you really know jewelry? Take one of our five jewelry quizzes to see how well you know Jewelry in Pop Culture, Jewelry Facts, Celebrity Jewels, Songs about Jewelry, and Royal Jewelry! Take the quizzes below and test your knowledge!”

There are five AGS Quizzes currently available:

A Celebrity Marriages and Jewelry Quiz, where you will be challenged to match up celebrities with their engagement rings and jewelry. Be sure to brush up on your pop jewelry culture before beginning the test because there is limited time to answer each question, and I’ve got to tell you that this test proved to be more challenging that I originally anticipated.

A Jewelry Facts Quiz, that tests your knowledge about various gemstones. Fortunately, I was able to ace this one, but I think that it might present the average consumer with a challenge. It certainly provides a good foundation for what they might want to learn more about before buying a diamond engagement ring.

A Jewelry in Pop Culture Quiz, which is going to challenge what you think you know about jewelry in pop culture. I didn’t even try to take this one, I’m way behind celebrity gossip and haven’t read one of those gossip rags ever. Or at least I’m not going to admit to doing so… but take it for a spin and let me know what kind of score you achieve.

The Royal Jewelry Quiz, is designed to test how much you know about Royals and their jewelry, which I have to admit is not all that much… but I have to say that there are some pretty impressive rocks floating around out there! This section was of particular interest to me since We Do Big Rocks

A Songs About Jewelry Quiz, which obviously is going to test your knowledge about songs that contain references to diamond, pearls and gold. This was actually a lot of fun, and there are some songs that I’m going to have to go and look up and listen to, perhaps I’ll put together a diamonds and jewelry play list.

Which kind of engagement ring is perfect for you?

If you’ve been wondering which type of engagement ring is perfect for you, then this engagement ring quiz designed by the American Gem Society might provide the answer.

According to the American Gem Society: “When the time comes for you to receive your perfect proposal, what kind of ring should be in that little velvet box? Does your personality say round brilliant solitaire or is it more like a rare colored diamond—now is the chance for you to find out with this fun quiz.”

Now obviously I think that the answer to “What kind of ring should be in that little velvet box?” is a Brian Gavin Signature diamond ring, but admittedly I’m biased, so I decided to take the quiz, which began by asking where I like to buy my groceries…

Six interesting, thought provoking questions later, as in “What does that possibly have to do with what type of engagement ring should I buy?” it was time to click on the Submit button and it was revealed to me that I should purchase an engagement ring with a cushion cut center stone set in a pave setting. Perfect. One Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond coming up, err, hold on, I’m already married. Why did I take that test? Now I’m probably going to have to explain to my wife, why I was trying to figure out what type of engagement ring I should buy. The things I do for you.

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