Evan was referred to us by his future mother-in-law because he had a vision for a gorgeous one-of-a-kind engagement ring and he needed the perfect partners to help him create it. We were honored to be the team he chose. 

"I'll try give you a quick overview of what I'm looking for/what I've found she likes. A simple (14k) white gold band and a pear shape diamond, preferably with a higher colour rating (around an E?)." 

With these details, we were able to scour our inventory to recommend the perfect combination: a .63 E VS1 pear shaped Brian Gavin diamond in a 14K white gold setting. 

Evan was thrilled with our recommendation. When the ring arrived, he called his future mother-in-law to share the good news: 

"I want to thank you and your Design Consultant for helping (my soon to be future son-in-law) Evan pick out a ring for my daughter. He's delighted with what Jamie was able to help him find/create.  It's a classic setting with a beautiful stone that is exactly what she has really dreamed of. Evan called me today, so very happy (I could tell he was smiling wildly over the phone and he had that nervous/excited air about him).  I'm beyond thrilled for them both. I want to thank you and your team for making this such a wonderful experience for Evan."

Evan proposed to his girlfriend Emma in Savannah, Georgia at the Fountain at Forsyth Park. She said yes, and she absolutely loved the ring! 

Congratulations to Evan and Emma on behalf of the entire Brian Gavin Diamonds team! 


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