Hannah and Josh's Proposal
Photos by: Pennie Lauren Photography

You might recognize customers Josh and Hannah from our National Proposal Day Giveaway, but this couple's story is by far one of the most remarkable ones we've come across. Josh and Hannah started dating in January of 2013 after meeting at church and within a few short weeks Hannah was convinced Josh would be her husband. Her intuition was spot-on and it wasn't long before Josh approached Brian Gavin Diamonds for the perfect Hearts and Arrows diamond to propose Hannah.

"Last October, we began approaching our '1000th day' of dating," Hannah said. "I marked our calendars on October 22 and deemed it 'our 1000th day: the best day ever." Little did Hannah know, Josh was in talks with our team and was planning their proposal—the best day ever. Our team worked with Josh to select a Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond.

Hannah and Josh's Proposal

Josh's proposal was planned to a tee. He even made sure to get Hannah off work early with enough time to get dolled up for their date. The two drove to his grandfather's lake house, a place that didn't strike any suspicions from Hannah. "Josh grew up on Lake Jordan and he's a master skier," she said. "I've always known that this lake house carries a special place in his heart, so being there for our date didn't come as much of a shock," Hannah continued.

The starry eyed couple boarded a ski boat, all the while a photographer was hiding out across the water. After several minutes on smooth waters, Hannah began to detect a change in Josh's collected demeanor.

Several minutes into the ride, she began to notice Josh acting different. "Once arriving at his intended spot of perfection, Josh dropped the anchor, turned on my favorite childhood song (Kiss the Girl– the Little Mermaid), and asked me to dance," said Hannah.

Hannah and Josh's Proposal

Hannah's reaction was beautiful and is best described in her own words:

"My heart started to beat a little faster and my legs felt a little bit weaker. You know the moment when you think all of your dreams are finally coming true, but you're still a bit of a realist, so you don't let yourself get too excited just yet because being disappointed would be too hard? That was me.

As if he couldn't hardly stand it any longer, Joshua got down on his knee, looked at me in my now very tearful eyes and said, 'I've been your boyfriend for 1,000 days, and now I want to be your boyfriend for the rest of your life. Hannah, will you marry me?'

My mouth said, 'YES!' and my heart said "DUH,' 'FINALLY' and 'OH MY WORD' all at the same time.

Once we arrived back to dock, Josh surprised me by having all of our family and friends waiting and cheering on our arrival.

October 22, 2015, you really were the best day ever. JKO, I'll love you for the rest of my life."


Hannah and Josh's Proposal

We are so honored to have worked with Josh and are so thrilled to hear the entire love story from Hannah's perspective.

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Photos by Penni Lauren Photography


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