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Keep Calm and Go for the Gold - Winter Olympics 2018


Keep calm and go for the gold has a nice ring to it. The Winter Olympics are here and we’re giving away five big discounts to represent the five Olympic rings! Follow along with team USA and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive discounts.

The better Team USA scores, the more savings YOU score!!!

For the Following Sports and BGD Categories

o Bobsleighing - Signature Princess Cut Diamonds
o Slalom Skiing - Signature Emerald Cut Diamonds - Coupon Code SLALOMGOLD1018 
o Figure Skating - Receive 6% Off Signature H&A Cushion Diamonds - Coupon Code SKATINGBRONZE0618
o Snowboarding - Receive 10% Off Signature H&A Round Diamonds** - Coupon Code SBOARDGOLD1018
o Ice Hockey - Colored Stone Jewelry - Coupon Code HOCKEYGOLD1018

When Team USA scores a medal you'll receive:

o Up to 10% off* with a Gold Medal Win
o Up to 8% off* with a Silver Medal Win
o Up to 6% off* with a Bronze Medal Win


*Terms and Conditions

1. Cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made before the day of the social posting of the offer.
2. Cannot be combined with any other discounts, besides normal Wire Discount.
3. All bank wire payments and checks must be received by end of business day, February 28, 2018 otherwise price will revert to original listed bank wire price.
4. Discounts on diamonds include all carat sizes besides for Signature H&A Round Diamonds which will only include 1.00 - 1.19 carat diamonds.
5. To receive discounts - purchase must be made online
6. Discount does not apply to settings for diamonds and/or loose colored gemstones
7. Special offer only good until February 28, 2018 or earlier if expressed in the social posting
8. Cannot be applied to upgrades for any past purchases or to a refund of a purchase made in the past 30 days.
9. Discount does not apply to diamonds that are marked as "Black by Brian Gavin"


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