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0.80800 K SI1 (CAGS-104105166033) By on October 29, 2019 Great diamond for the price. The images they show on the page have a lot of quality and you can appreciate the product you are buying. It came with the grading certificate and all the related stuff you would expect.

251 Customer Reviews

5 5
0.56100 D IF (BKCAGS-104106086002)
By on October 24, 2019 動画で見て憧れていたダイアモンドがここにあることがうれしくてたまりません。 家の中では真っ白に、外では虹色に輝く素晴らしいダイアモンドです。 日本でも、もっと有名になることを願ってます。 素晴らしい取引をありがとうございました!
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0.60600 G VS2 (CAGS-104104773091)
By on October 15, 2019 Absolutely beautiful
5 5
0.20700 D VS1 (AGS-104104981032)
By on October 10, 2019 Fantastic quality
5 5
0.59600 E VVS2 (BKCAGS-104104773012)
By on October 08, 2019 A gorgeous diamond! As expected the cut is not only perfect on paper but perfect while looking at it. The light return is unbelievable, no comparison to the dull impression some other diamonds I looked at had. A great buy with a strong recommendation.
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0.25300 D IF (BKAGS-104107381110)
By on October 02, 2019 A breathtakingly beautiful diamond with magnificent brilliance and fire. It is worth every little penny!
5 5
0.84200 G VVS2 (CAGS-104106086050)
By on September 29, 2019 The diamond looks great! Thank you!
5 5
0.75300 H VS2 (CAGS-104106086046)
By on September 22, 2019 Love the diamond, it gives excellent light returns & bling beautifully even under normal office lighting. Price is honest and product as described. Looking forward to my next purchase.
5 5
1.70100 H VS2 (CAGS-104106339007)
By on September 20, 2019 Looks immaculate. Beautiful sparkle
5 5
0.88400 I SI1 (AGS-104071029010)
By on September 09, 2019 My .88 SI1 is mistaken for a full carat. I in color looks icy white. If Brian says a diamond is eye clean, you can be sure of it. Spectacular diamond for an incredibly fair price.