Hey Danny, I read your blog regularly because I'm looking for the perfect engagement ring for my girlfriend. She told me that she wants a three stone diamond ring, but keeps calling it by all these different names and I'm beginning to get confused. Each time I walk into a jewelry store and ask for a three stone diamond ring, I get handed a completely different ring. I want to get this right, help me out! – Mark S.

Hi Mark,

Hopefully your girlfriend has provided you with a little more insight than just wanting a three stone ring, because the term "3 stone diamond ring" or "3 stone ring" is a basic description of an overall category of jewelry design, it is similar to how automobiles are separated into classes such as two door, four door, coupe, sedan, SUV, etc., and just as with cars, which model of three stone diamond ring you select will depend a lot on your own personal preferences in terms of design.

With that in mind, let's look at a few of our most popular designs, but first a little history…

Past, Present and Future Rings:

No article on the popular three stone diamond ring would be complete without explaining that the design was largely made popular by an advertising campaign launched by DeBeers in 2001, which created a category for "Past, Present, and Future Rings" which are designed with three stones, each of which represent the past, present, and future by you to the relationship.

The requirements for a three stone ring to be described as a Past, Present & Future ring are simple, the design needs to incorporate three diamonds in the center position, and thus practically any three stone diamond ring design, may also be described as a Past, Present and Future ring, and presented either as an engagement ring, or an anniversary gift.


The Classic Trellis Style 3 Stone Ring:

One of my favorite, and more popular designs, of three stone rings is this Trellis Style Setting from Brian Gavin which is called a trellis because of the sweeping arches which support the diamonds like a trellis. This classic three stone ring design, can be customized to accommodate almost any combination of diamond sizes. Most people begin by selecting either a diamond from the Brian Gavin Signature or Brian Gavin Blue collection and then ask us to help them find suitable accent diamonds to match.

Traditional Open Gallery 3 Stone Setting:

Another popular version of the classic three stone setting is this Open Gallery 3 Stone Ring (seen on top) which incorporates a more traditional four prong bridge into the design. The design of the ring sets the center stone just a little higher than the two accent stones, which can be diamonds or a colored gem if you prefer, the ring looks amazing when set with blue sapphire accents! Speaking of which, most people seem to like the balance of size provided by using accent stones which are about a third to one half the size of the center stone, but I've seen this ring made with accents that are three quarter the size of the center stone also.


Classic 3 Stone with Pear Shaped Accents:

One of the most popular styles of three stone ring features a round brilliant cut diamond as a center stone, which is accented by two pear shaped accents. This classic three stone ring with pear shape accents is a timeless beauty which always looks amazing! Start by selecting a center stone and then Brian Gavin will find a suitable matched pair of pear shape accent diamonds for the ring, the formula for which is a little more difficult than merely selecting diamonds which are a third or half the size of the center stone.

The three stone ring styles which I've discussed thus far are the ones which are most popular, but there are a lot more 3 Stone Ring Designs available from Brian Gavin. For instance, you might like the look of this Trellis 3 Stone with Pavé Set Diamonds in the band, or break the mold and incorporate square princess cut diamonds into the design and go with something like our Princess Dinah Petite Princess 3 Stone Ring, the possibilities are endless.

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