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The best fake halo setting for an engagement ring

Dec 15

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“I’m in the process of shopping for a halo style engagement ring and have been comparing prices and quality between retail jewelry stores in my area and various online stores, including Brian Gavin Diamonds. I really like the look of the Brian Gavin halo setting in 18k rose gold, but my girlfriend thinks that it is too much money to spend on a setting, and suggested that I try to find the best fake halo setting for an engagement ring. Does that make sense?”

How long can you expect a fake ring to hold up?

I’ve got a funny feeling that your girlfriend would love a Brian Gavin halo style engagement ring, but that she’s feeling a bit guilty about your spending the money to buy her one, this is a pretty common emotion that people experience when somebody they love is preparing to spend a lot of money on them.

First of all, I don’t think that anybody makes a fake halo setting that is going to provide the same look and feel as this 18k rose gold halo setting from Brian Gavin, and if one exists and it isn’t made of actual gold, the reality is that it is not going to last very long under the demands of daily wear and tear.

Most of the fake halo settings that I’ve seen are made of cheap pot metal and set with poorly cut white stones that don’t really look like diamonds at all. I’ve seen a few fake halo settings that were electro-plated and set with cubic zirconia which is a white colored diamond simulant, but the problem is that those settings will begin to wear and fade in color rather quickly, and the cubic zirconia will scratch and begin to lose its luster within a few months, requiring frequent replacement of the ring in order to maintain the original look provided by the fake halo setting.

Using a diamond simulant for an e-ring:

You could purchase the 18k rose gold halo setting from Brian Gavin and set a diamond simulant, such as a cubic zirconia or a lab grown Moissanite, instead of a diamond for the center stone, and this will reduce the initial investment that you are making in a ring. However be aware that the cubic zirconia will still require periodic replacement, and I don’t think that Moissanite really looks like diamond, regardless of the advertising claims.

Another issue with setting diamond simulants in high quality settings in place of diamonds, is that the girdle edge of the stones are often thicker than what Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds are cut with, and thus the seat that holds the stone in-place in the prongs needs to be cut thicker than what will be required to set an actual diamond. This can make it difficult and perhaps impossible to set a diamond in the ring in the future, in such a way that it will remain tight in the seat.

A better option might be to finance a portion of the diamond engagement ring using the instant 3 – 12 month financing available from Affirm, subject to credit approval, etc., see terms and conditions for details.

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