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Star-studded designs for the modern bride

Oct 31

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Diamonds and stars have a lot in common. Both shimmer with awe-inspiring magnificence. Both have long lives. The night sky is romantic for its mystery, while diamonds are breathtaking for their craftsmanship. If your fiance is in love with the stars, she may just fall for the Brian Gavin team and Sholdt's new line of modern engagement rings. Whenever she looks down, she'll be reminded of beauty of the stars.  Here are three pieces to inspire you: 

Simple and sleek

The Emily solitaire engagement ring features a single diamond. The gem sits in a full bezel knot setting, creating a unique band. The shank is split on one side to make a modern asymmetrical design. This ring can be made to hold any diamond cut you'd like. For the most star-like sparkle, choose Brian Gavin's hearts and arrows. This brilliant cut is perfectly symmetrical, ensuring the maximum amount of light reflection. You will see patterns of hearts and arrows when looking from the top or girdle of the gem. Available in white, yellow or rose gold as well as platinum, this ring is perfect for the simple bride who loves the night sky. 

Encrusted elegance

For a sky's worth of stars translated into a ring, look no further than Sadie. This ring can also be made to fit any diamond cut or size center stone. The gem sits in a heavy bezel for a unique modern twist on a classic setting. Both the band and the sides of the bezel are set with smaller diamonds, which are reminiscent of distant stars. For a truly shimmering piece, choose a Brian Gavin Blue diamond. These stones contain fluorescence, meaning that ultraviolet light brings out a blue glow. Brian Gavin Blue diamonds come with an AGS laboratory grade of "0" ideal for light performance, and their polish and symmetry is in the range of "0" (ideal) through "1" (excellent). When you choose a fluorescent diamond, you'll be sure you're getting a radiant gem. 

Crescent creations

If the moon is her favorite feature of the night sky, the Elsie engagement ring is a perfect match. This one-of-a-kind design features a center stone that is wrapped with a crescent moon​-shaped setting. Inside the crescent are approximately 0.09 ctw F/G SI pave diamonds. The Brian Gavin team can apply any finish you'd like on the band, including bright, brushed or sandblast. This handcrafted piece sheds new light on engagement rings with side stones. 

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