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Should diamond solitaire engagement rings crack?

Dec 1

Should diamond solitaries crack?
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“I purchased a solitaire diamond engagement ring from another online diamond dealer about a year ago, and a small crack recently appeared on the bottom of the ring. I contacted [the vendor] and they told me that this is perfectly normal and that I should simply take the ring to a local jeweler for repair. I spent what I consider to be a lot of money on this engagement ring, and now I am concerned about the overall quality of the ring, and whether or not I got ripped off. Should diamond solitaires crack?”

What causes diamond solitaires to crack?

It is not uncommon for a diamond solitaire setting to crack or split apart parallel to where the ring may have been sized, as this becomes the weakest part of the solitaire.

Although I don’t work in the jewelry division of the company, my understanding is that when a diamond solitaire cracks due to being sized, it actually breaks next to where the ring was sized, because the solder used to splice the two halves of the ring together is actually stronger than the gold made to make the ring originally.

Note that sometimes a black streak can appear at the bottom of a ring where it was sized, this is due to oxidation that is occurring as the chemicals in our skin come into contact with the alloys contained in the solder, this can be polished off by a skilled professional jeweler.

What to do if your diamond solitaire ring cracks:

With full understanding that it might seem traumatic if the ring shank of your diamond solitaire splits where it was sized, the reality is that this is not an uncommon occurrence, and it can be fixed relatively easily and inexpensively by any jeweler with a laser welder – which is the only method of ring sizing that we recommend by the way, because it is less likely for ring shanks to split when sized using this method of seaming the two halves of the ring back together after sizing.

In the case of diamond solitaire rings or other styles of diamond engagement rings purchased by Brian Gavin, we would prefer to have the opportunity to repair the setting ourselves, and will assist you with shipping your ring back to Brian Gavin properly insured.

It is important not to allow jewelers other than Brian Gavin to work on your Brian Gavin Signature diamond engagement ring, to maintain the validity of our lifetime warranty for workmanship and materials. It also provides us with the opportunity to ensure that the ring is repaired properly.

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