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Really nice two carat diamond engagement ring for $20K

Jun 25

Really nice two carat diamond engagement ring for $20K
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“Is it possible to buy a really nice two carat diamond engagement ring for $20k? It seems like the most important feature of an engagement ring to my girlfriend is the size of the diamond, because every time we go to look at engagement rings, the only thing she seems to ask the sales person is “how big is it” while I want to know about the cut quality, color, and clarity. It doesn’t seem to matter to her whether the diamond is a lower color, or clarity, just that the diamond is two carats, however I feel that the quality of the diamond is a reflection of me – is this normal? How do you suggest I balance my need for diamond quality, with her desire for a two carat diamond?”

Is diamond carat weight more important than color, or clarity?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in which case, if your girlfriend is most concerned about the size of the diamond, then that is the factor that will contribute to her perception of its beauty. Thus this 2.086 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond that exhibits strong blue fluorescence, should capture her heart and take her breath away, because it is exactly what she desires in terms of diamond carat weight. However it is also going to deliver an incredibly high volume of light return, and the broad spectrum sparkle that you crave due to it’s exceptional diamond cut quality!

Despite what you may believe, it is not necessary to buy a diamond of the highest clarity, or color grade, for it to be exceptional looking… most of what we find beautiful about a diamond is the result of diamond cut quality and proportions, factors such as diamond clarity and diamond color, have very little to do with the actual beauty of a diamond, and are essentially little more than descriptive factors of gem quality, not performance.

Light Performance versus Diamond Clarity:

To demonstrate my point, I’d like you to concentrate for a moment, and ask yourself what you truly find beautiful about a diamond… When you close your eyes and focus on the image of the diamond that you want to present to your girlfriend, do you see the clarity of the diamond, or do you see the sparkle factor?

If the diamond you imagine is simply pure and clean, then yes, you’re probably going to need something in the VVS clarity range in order to sleep at night, but if the diamond you imagine is bright and brilliant, with big, bold, vivid, flashes of white and colored sparkle dancing all about, then focus on the cut quality of the diamond, because the clarity and color actually have very little to do with any of that…

what do different colors on an asset image meanLook at the ASET image provided for the 2.086 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond pictured to the right, it indicates that the diamond exhibits the highest volume of light return, and that it will be extremely bright, and that light is being evenly distributed / reflected throughout the diamond, the fact that the diamond is J-color has nothing to do with any of this, neither does the clarity or carat weight by the way.

The VS-2 clarity grade of this diamond means that it is going to be eye clean from a top-down perspective, so you’ll never have to worry about your girlfriend seeing any of the inclusions within the diamond from that vantage point…

The J-color is a bit warmer than a D-color diamond, but the reality is that most people can not accurately judge the body color of a diamond from a top-down perspective, especially when it is set in an engagement ring…

All people really seem to focus upon is the size of the diamond, the volume of light return, and the sparkle factor, which they tend to describe as brilliance, or just being really sparkly! Thus at the end of the day, all the concern about diamond clarity, and diamond color, might actually be a waste of time, and your primary focus should be on the cut quality delivered by every Brian Gavin Signature diamond.

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