Think Pink Fancy Colored Diamonds Are All the Rage
02 Apr 2021

Pink fancy colored diamonds are more popular than ever. That is why we're excited to get a glimpse of this 15.81 carats, fancy pink Sakura diamond ring. It happens to be the centerpiece for the upcoming Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale…

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Is an M-color diamond too yellow for engagement ring?
20 Oct 2020

Is an M-color diamond too yellow for an engagement ring? A while back, a client asked whether an M-color diamond is too yellow for an engagement ring. As a matter of fact, he was trying to decide between several Brian…

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Super ideal cut vs Excellent cut diamonds
29 Sep 2020

Standard Ideal vs Super Ideal Cut Diamonds "I am looking for a one carat round diamond that will be used for a four prong solitaire style engagement ring. I am only interested in GIA Excellent or AGS Ideal cut, and…

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How Big Is a 1, 2, or 3 carat Diamond Going to Look on My Finger?
12 Aug 2020

It’s no secret that the most popular size diamond is the one carat round. And yet, at the same time, the reality is that most people aren’t really sure how a 1-carat diamond is going to look on their finger.…

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What is a knife edge diamond ring?
03 Jun 2020

"My girlfriend has indicated that she wants a classic knife edge diamond ring, which of course means nothing to me… can you show me what is a knife edge diamond ring and help me find the best round diamond for…

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What is the difference between 14k and 18k white gold engagement ring?
01 Jun 2020

"My girlfriend has indicated that she wants a pave set engagement ring without a halo surrounding the center stone, and I think that she will really like the 3 row domed pave setting from Brian Gavin, however it appears to…

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What is the XXX diamond grade?
22 May 2020

"I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring. You’re shocked to discover that, I’m sure. But this is kind of a big deal for me, buying an engagement ring represents one of the biggest expenditures of my young life. I don’t…

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How much does it cost to have a ring made from my diamonds?
17 May 2020

“I’m considering having Brian Gavin Diamonds custom design an engagement ring for me. I have some diamonds that I’ve accumulated over the years and am wondering how much does it cost to have a ring made from my diamonds? My…

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Do H&A Diamonds Look Dark in Direct Sunlight?
06 May 2020

“Hi, I was thinking about purchasing an H&A diamond from Brian Gavin. But while researching H&A stones on (an online forum), I found out many owners of ideal cuts diamonds (including BGD's and other brands) noticed that their diamonds went…

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The Complete Guide to (Internally) Flawless Diamonds
04 May 2020

“What exactly is an Internally Flawless diamond? I ran across this 1.02 carat, D-color, Internally Flawless, Brian Gavin Signature diamond while searching for one carat diamonds. To be honest, I’m not looking for anything this expensive, I’m more just curious…

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