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High end jewelry stores vs Brian Gavin Diamonds

Mar 25

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“So I’ve been shopping for a diamond engagement ring in some local high end jewelry stores around New York City, checked out the Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Harry Winston, even the De Beers store, all of which are quite impressive, but I left feeling like there was more to learn about diamonds, more to discover. A co-worker of mine mentioned you at lunch today, apparently he’s quite impressed with the diamond that he purchased from you, although he can’t show it to me because the marriage didn’t work out and she’s got the ring. I’ve learned enough about diamond proportions and cut quality to understand that Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds are going to look great, comparable to the Hearts on Fire Diamonds that I’ve seen, but what I can’t wrap my head around is the price, why are your prices so good?”

Online Prices vs. Retail Diamond Prices:

Why are the prices of Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds so much better than traditional retail diamond prices? Probably because we don’t have to pay the electric bill for all of that high watt jewelry store lighting! Nor do we have to pay the high price of retail overhead in the high rent diamond district of New York, our mode of operation is completely different than our traditional brick and mortar retail counterparts.

But to be honest, I don’t know how our prices compare to the diamond prices of Tiffany, Cartier, De Beers, Harry Winston, or Hearts on Fire. The fact of the matter is that we’re so busy processing orders, writing content, and maintaining the web site, that we don’t have time to secret shop the competition. So we’ll have to take your word for it that our prices are more reasonable. We’ll count it as a feather in our cap that your diamond buying dollar will go further with Brian Gavin, thank you for that.

Brian Gavin, the low profit diamond dealer:

One of the reasons why our diamond prices are so good, is that Brian Gavin is a fifth generation diamond cutter, who established himself as a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of ideal cut diamonds. Our focus has always been on selling diamonds in volume, at low, low margins, with the understanding that selling lots of diamonds will achieve the goal that we have in mind each month.

When we decided to sell direct to the public, we considered raising our prices, increasing our margins, but the reality is that there wasn’t a real need to do so… we wanted to sell diamonds at competitive prices on the internet, and the business plan appears to be working. We don’t sell diamonds wholesale, we don’t really sell them retail, I think we fall into the grey realm of internet retail, and maybe that’s why our prices seem so attractive.

Comparing diamond specifications:

One factor that you always want to take into account when comparing prices, is the actual cut quality of the diamond. Not just the polish, symmetry, and proportions ratings, not just the overall cut grade, but the actual degree of optical precision exhibited by the diamond when it is viewed through the various reflector scopes which are designed for this purpose.

When comparing the prices of diamonds in high end jewelry stores to diamond prices online, you’ll also want to ensure that the proportions of the diamonds being compared are quite similar, don’t merely settle for the explanation that something is ideal cut, GIA Excellent cut, AGS Ideal cut, etc., because those descriptions are too vague, and the overall cut quality of a diamond can affect the purchase price by as much as sixty percent. Be sure that you’re comparing organic apples to organic apples, and that they are of the same variety… In the end, I’m confident that you’ll end up buying a Brian Gavin Signature round diamond, not that I’m biased or anything.

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