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Flat vs round men's wedding bands (aka comfort fit vs standard fit)

Sep 19

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“My fiancé continues to receive comments (almost every day) on the 1.56 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond that you helped me select. We were a bit hesitant to buy a diamond with strong blue fluorescence sight-unseen, but I’ve got to tell you that we’ve fallen in love with that hidden property. We even purchased a mini black light flashlight online so that we can see it from time to time, and my girlfriend is always making excuses to go into the local aquarium shop to look at fish (but we both know that she just wants to look at her diamond under the black light). Anyway, it’s time for me to buy a wedding band and I’m trying to decide between a flat or round wedding band. What do you recommend for men?”

Flat standard fit wedding bands for men:

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the strong blue fluorescence within your Brian Gavin Signature diamond. A lot of people express concern about blue fluorescence when buying diamonds from the Brian Gavin Blue collection of blue fluorescent diamonds, thankfully all that concern seems to just disappear once they open the box and see how incredible out diamonds sparkle!

I assume that what you’re referring to as a “flat wedding band” is a standard fit wedding band that features a flat inner ring shank, as opposed to being flat on the outer edges also. But just in case, we’ll explore all the options. The ring pictured at the top is a standard half-round style wedding band with a milgrain edge. As you can see, the inside of the ring shank is flat, while the outer edge of the ring is round, which is why it’s described as a “half-round” wedding band. If both the inner and outer edge of the ring were rounded, it would be known as a comfort fit style wedding band. The pattern that runs along the outer edge of the ring is known as milgrain, it adds a splash of style.

Rounded “Comfort Fit” wedding bands for men:

flat-or-round-wedding-band-aka-comfort-vs-standard-fit-5466PA-4Wedding bands that feature an inner ring shank which is slightly rounded are commonly referred to as “comfort fit” style wedding rings. Look closely and you’ll be able to see the differences in the design of the two inner ring shanks of these rings. The inner edge of this comfort fit style wedding band by Brian Gavin is beveled slightly. Some guys find comfort fit wedding bands to be more comfortable because the inside of the ring shank is slightly rounded. Other guys prefer the flat standard fit wedding bands because they tend to have a lower profile and fit more flush upon their finger. It’s a good idea to try some rings on to determine your personal preference.

Flat or “Pipe Cut” wedding bands for men:

flat-or-round-wedding-band-aka-comfort-vs-standard-fit-5424Y18-7This is another popular style of flat wedding bands for men which is commonly referred to as a “pipe cut” wedding band. Both the inner and outer edge of the ring shank are flat, as opposed to being slightly rounded. This standard flat wedding band by Brian Gavin has an extremely low profile which makes it popular with guys who aren’t used to wearing rings. The basic concept of all these men’s wedding bands are the same, they’re all about the same width. The primary difference is the design of the inner and outer portions of the ring, the side profile of the ring that you’d see if we were to cut the ring shank in half and view it through the side.

Brian Gavin offers a wide selection of wedding bands for men in all the popular styles. The majority of designs are available with plain or patterned designs, with or without milgrain edges, and of course, we can custom create anything you might have in mind.

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