You don't have to be a radical to be concerned about the state of the environment and social issues anymore. More and more people are taking it upon themselves to live a greener and more ethical lifestyle, so why not keep those practices going with an engagement ring featuring conflict-free diamonds? The Brian Gavin team takes ethical jewelry very seriously and is proud to offer the highest-quality socially responsible diamonds they possibly can. If your bride-to-be is concerned about social justice, make sure you choose conflict-free diamonds for her engagement ring.

What does conflict free mean?

In 2003, the Kimberley Process was established to prevent any diamonds that help to finance rebel movement groups from being sold in global markets. Brian Gavin's team is dedicated to protecting environmental and civil rights, and to eliminate the possibility of exploitation and suffering. Conflict diamonds – also known as blood diamonds – are mined in war zones where profits are used to help warlords or invade an army's efforts.

But buying conflict-free diamonds doesn't mean that they will come with a higher price tag, nor does it mean the diamond will be any less beautiful. Actually, the opposite is often the case. In fact, with Brian Gavin's extensive research and wealth of knowledge in the industry, he is able to cut diamonds so precisely that even colored stones reflect brilliance in an elegant manner.

A few styles to consider

Your socially conscious bride-to-be deserves the perfectly cut and designed engagement ring. Luckily, all of the diamonds created by the Brian Gavin team are ethical, so your options are endless. Engagement rings are intended to embody eternal, never-ending love, so show her how much you care with one of these intricately designed rings.

The Crossed Solitaire is simple and elegant. Perfectly paired with a hearts and arrows diamond, the criss-cross metal design adds a subtle flair to this traditional style. Consider getting the metal in rose gold to make it stand out even more.

If sparkle and brilliance is what you're looking for, the Tapering Novela is a perfect choice. With four paved stones on each side of the Novela Style Head, this ring will catch someone's eye from every direction.

The slim and stylish Four Prong Sleek Micro Pave has eight small diamonds on each side with a stunning center diamond. This ring has beautiful texture, making it stand out among a sea of diamond engagement rings.

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