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Nov 5
Are Your VS2-SI1 Diamonds Eye Clean?

This is a continuation of the blog post, Brian Gavin Blue vs Hearts and Arrows. Within which Jason asked a series of questions, including whether all of our SI-1 and VS-2 clarity diamonds are eye-clean.Whether or not a diamond is “eye clean” is somewhat objective given the individual nature of human vision. However, it will be helpful to better understand the ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 18

It’s no secret that the most popular size diamond is the one carat round. And yet, at the same time, the reality is that most people aren’t really sure how a 1-carat diamond is going to look on their finger. That’s probably because we’re more in-tune with what a one-carat diamond represents, as opposed to being familiar with the technical ...Read More

By Danny
Jun 21

If you’re like most people, you might be wondering what a one carat diamond is going to look like on your hand. Or you might be curious to see how a larger or smaller carat weight diamond will look on your ring finger size.Of course, there is more to imagining how spectacular a Black by Brian Gavin diamond is going ...Read More

By Danny
May 22

Diamond Prices vs Quality:“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” You can find a cheaper price but what are you giving up?It’s a common mistake made by a lot of newbie diamond buyers and a lot of retail jewelers are getting rich off of their ignorance. The mistake we’re referring to is assuming that all ideal cut diamonds are ...Read More

By Danny
May 16
Black By Brian Gavin Diamonds

Given the spectacular reputation and fanfare about Brian Gavin Signature diamonds, you might be wondering what makes Black by Brian Gavin diamonds even more special.The short answer is that Black by Brian Gavin diamonds are cut to an even higher standard. However, the answer is also not that simple because the fact of the matter is that a lot of ...Read More

By Danny
May 15

Diamonds in the Black by Brian Gavin Collection have been quite popular with our clients, as well they should be.  Black by Brian Gavin Diamonds represent the pinnacle of achievement in the career of Brian Gavin who is a fifth-generation diamond cutter.As a matter of fact, we think of Black by Brian Gavin Diamonds as an entirely new class of ...Read More

By Danny
May 13
brian gavin signature melee diamonds with hearts and arrows

Most people know that Black by Brian Gavin and Brian Gavin Signature diamonds out sparkle the competition because they are cut to a higher standard.The combination of proportions within “the sweet spot” designated for the AGS Ideal cut rating produces a higher volume of light return. While the higher degree of optical precision produces more virtual facets and sparkle factor ...Read More

By Danny
May 9
Internally Flawless Diamonds - Complete Guide

“What exactly is an Internally Flawless diamond? I ran across this 1.02 carat, D-color, Internally Flawless, Brian Gavin Signature diamond while searching for one carat diamonds. To be honest, I’m not looking for anything this expensive, I’m more just curious about what the clarity term internally flawless means. When I read the definitions of the diamond clarity grades as described ...Read More

By Danny
Apr 30
rose gold best for m color cape color diamonds truth solitaire brian gavin

Hello, Which material is more suitable for this stone (1.446 M VVS2 ECAGS-104103128011) in the setting (New Truth Solitaire) in terms of color and brilliance? Is yellow gold preferable option or platinum/white gold? Thanks! ~ PaulRose Gold may be the Best Option for M Color Diamonds:While I think that M-color Cape Color Diamonds look great in yellow gold, white gold, ...Read More

By Danny
Mar 3

“My girlfriend has indicated that she wants a pave set engagement ring without a halo surrounding the center stone, and I think that she will really like the 3 row domed pave setting from Brian Gavin, however it appears to only be available in 18k white gold or platinum; is there a reason why it is not offered in 14k ...Read More

By Danny

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