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Sep 14
how to judge videos of diamonds online

“First of all, let me say that I really like the new video format that is being used to show the sparkle of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds. The diamonds look really bright and sparkly in the videos, however they looked pretty good before. Which leads me to wonder, how to judge videos of diamonds online for comparison purposes? Should I ...Read More

By Danny
Sep 13
Can I get a ruby or sapphire with a hearts and arrows cut?

One of our fans on Facebook asked if Brian Gavin can create Hearts & Arrows cuts on a colored gem, such as a ruby or sapphire. The term “Hearts and Arrows cut” refers to a very special manner of cutting diamonds, so that they deliver the highest degree of light return and sparkle factor.It actually takes about 4X longer to ...Read More

By Danny
Sep 11
ags ideal vs gia excellent cut diamond

“I’m wondering whether you can shed some light on the differences between AGS Ideal vs GIA Excellent cut diamonds. All of the jewelry stores in my area, seem to only offer diamonds graded by the GIA, IGI, or EGL, and only one seemed to be familiar with the AGS Laboratory. From what I’ve read online, it looks like the AGS ...Read More

By Danny
Aug 4

Trying to decide between which diamond color to buy presents most people with a confusing challenge. Our natural inclination is to focus our search on the high end of the color spectrum, which are colorless diamonds in the D-E-F range.The challenge with D-E-F color diamonds of course, is that the absence of color makes the diamonds more valuable. Thus D-E-F ...Read More

By Danny
Aug 2

“I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring and am trying to determine the difference between Hearts and Arrows vs round brilliant cut diamonds. My local jeweler told me that all round brilliant cut diamonds exhibit hearts and arrows patterns. However, that does not seem to correlate with what I’ve read on your site and others. What are the differences between ...Read More

By Danny
Jul 31

“My fiancé is adamant that she wants a GIA Excellent cut diamond. At the same time, we’ve been doing a lot of research and have concluded that we want a hearts and arrows diamond. Does Brian Gavin offer any GIA hearts and arrows diamonds? It seems like all the Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds are graded by the ...Read More

By Danny
Jun 28
Pear Shape vs Round Cut Diamond

“I'm interested in pear shape diamonds. Could you please let me know what kind of pendant setting I can choose from? In addition, may I know how sparkling they are in terms of brilliance, scintillation and fire compared to oval cut diamonds? While you’re at it, perhaps you can explain the differences between pear shape, oval, and round cut diamonds. ...Read More

By Danny
May 30
Asscher vs Emerald Cut Diamond Facet Structure

“My girlfriend told me that she really likes Asscher cut diamonds. However, when I search for Asscher cut diamonds, all the results indicate that the diamonds are square emerald cuts. I’ve seen emerald cut diamonds at a local jewelry store, they don’t look anything like an Asscher. Which leaves me totally confused. Can you shed some light on the situation ...Read More

By Danny
May 11
Oval Cut Diamond - Cut Grade for Fancy Shape Diamonds

What does GIA-N/A mean? How does this compare to AGS-IDEAL. What is the best cut for each shape of diamond? Do they differ? I'm interested in an oval, princess or possibly brilliant cut diamond, as it would depend on the setting. 1.2 - 2 carat wt, but quality of the diamond is more important than carat. Would like to stay ...Read More

By Danny
May 9

“I’ve been shopping for engagement rings for a while now. I’m really sold on the idea of a hearts and arrows round diamond. In fact, I was just about to pull the trigger on one of the new Black by Brian Gavin hearts and arrows diamonds. But then, I overheard my girlfriend talking with her sister about a friend’s engagement ...Read More

By Danny

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