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Custom Jewelry

When customers select the finest performing signature diamonds in the world, they usually want their stones set in a custom-designed ring, bracelet, pendant or other jewelry piece that can make an even more personal statement. Take a look at our catalog for ideas and examples. Almost 95% of the jewelry and engagement rings in our catalog began as custom-designed pieces.

Nov 27
Parade Engagement Ring Designs

Enjoy the Parade of Spectacular Designs by Brian Gavin:There is something about a parade that brightens the day and puts a smile on your face, which is the premise behind the Parade Design Collection of Engagement Rings that is now available from Brian Gavin. A series of stunning and elegant designs that will capture the attention of people passing by ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 27
Engagement Ring with Very Thin Band

I’m shopping for a diamond engagement ring, and am running into a bit of brick wall. My girlfriend wants a very thin band engagement ring. It looks like most of the solitaire settings you offer have a 2 mm shank. She really wants something thinner than that, like 1.2 – 1.5 millimeters. Do you have anything like that in a ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 25
octagon diamond engagement ring from Brian Gavin's 810 Collection in Rose Gold

“Have you ever seen an octagon diamond engagement ring? I’m shopping for an engagement ring and would like something unique. My girlfriend is really into numerology and the number 8 has special meaning, because it represents our life path, compatibility and destiny. That seems like a perfect foundation for an engagement ring, don’t you think? I can’t find very much ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 9
buyers guide - tension set engagement rings

My girlfriend and I really like the look of tension set engagement rings. Does Brian Gavin offer tension set engagement rings? We’re interested in a tension set ring design that frames the diamond from two sides in kind of a bridge style, imagine the look created if you were to hold a diamond between your two hands, with them positioned ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 8
Damascus Wood Grain pattern, six prong setting, four 0.02 carat round diamond accent stones, slightly rounded profile, comfort fit interior by Chris Ploof

And now for something completely different… Introducing Damascus Steel rings and bands designed by Chris Ploof for Brian Gavin Diamonds. These engagement rings and wedding bands are the stuff of legends.Damascus Steel is the legendary material that Viking and Samurai swords and knives were made from. It is named after the celebrated swordsmiths of Damascus, Syria who invented Damascus Steel.And ...Read More

By Danny
Oct 4
mokume gane walnut style woodgrain metal rings bands chris ploof brian gavin

So, what is Mokume Gane?At first glance, most people think that Mokume Gane reminds them of woodgrain. That’s not surprising, since the Japanese words Mokume Gane, translates as woodgrain metal. In fact, the technique was developed in Japanese sword makers in feudal Japan.The technique of making samurai swords using Mokume Gane was developed several hundred years after the creation of ...Read More

By Danny
May 18
Do Platinum and 14K White Gold Match?

“Hello, I recently got engaged and I have been looking at wedding bands. I got my fiancé a Platinum 6-prong "Tiffany" replica as the engagement ring and she loves it. She mentioned that she would like something like a bead set band which is dainty and looks nice with her e-ring. Because I got her a platinum e-ring, it doesn't ...Read More

By Danny
May 16
engagement rings for medical professionals

“My girlfriend is a surgical nurse, so I’m looking for an engagement ring with a low profile. She can’t wear anything that sticks up too high, or which will tear the gloves. Apparently this is a challenge, because we’re looking for a diamond between 1.20 – 1.50 carats. I’m wondering whether you have engagement rings for medical professionals. I’m sure ...Read More

By Danny
May 4
buying engagement ring together anita halo setting rose gold brian gavin

“My girlfriend and I have decided to get married. Thus, we’re looking to buy an engagement ring. I’m not sure how many couples decide to do this together, but it seems to work for us. Since she is an active part of the ring buying process, I don’t need to be concerned with trying to surprise her by proposing on ...Read More

By Danny
May 2
daphne infinity engagement ring by sholdt brian gavin designs

“I’m wondering whether Brian Gavin offers any infinity engagement rings? I think that my girlfriend would really like an engagement ring that somehow encompasses an infinity symbol into the design. I’m looking for something more than just an inscription, although that would be a nice touch. I’d prefer that the infinity symbol somehow be intertwined into the design. It would ...Read More

By Danny

Custom Jewelry

Besides offering the finest performing jewelry in the world, Brian Gavin brings more than 30 years of experience in custom jewelry designs.

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