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Custom Jewelry

When customers select the finest performing signature diamonds in the world, they usually want their stones set in a custom-designed ring, bracelet, pendant or other jewelry piece that can make an even more personal statement. Take a look at our catalog for ideas and examples. Almost 95% of the jewelry and engagement rings in our catalog began as custom-designed pieces.

Feb 24

TranscriptionToday, we're on to some of the most frequently asked questions on how to shop for an engagement ring as a couple. If you have a question, ask those in the comments as you listen and we'll answer live.1. What are the benefits or cons of purchasing a ring together?Okay. So, here we go. What are the benefits or cons ...Read More

By Danny
Aug 3
Gibeon Meteorite Rings and Bands

Brian Gavin Diamonds is proud to introduce Gibeon meteorite rings and bands from Chris Ploof Designs. This fine collection of meteorite engagement rings and wedding bands are made exclusively from pieces of Gibeon meteorite found in Namibia.As you can clearly see, the look of these Gibeon Meteorite rings and bands by Chris Ploof Designs is truly unique. Not only in ...Read More

By Danny
Jul 30
What Engagement Ring Will Suit Me?

Every single one of us is individual and unique. You might have fingers that are long and slender, short and stubby, long, thin, short, wide, the possible combinations are practically endless. Which is why it’s important to know what style of engagement ring will look best on your finger/hand.While there are many engagement ring styles that are popular at the ...Read More

By Danny
Jun 29
How to Create a Magnetic Relationship (using Polarium)

They say that opposites attract and if you think back to elementary school, you will recall that this is true. Do you remember the science experiments you conducted with magnets? Those were interesting times, were they not?I remember being mesmerized by the powerful effects that magnets had upon different types of metal. And confused by how some metals did not ...Read More

By Danny
Jun 21
Green emerald rings, pendants and earrings

Green Emerald is the Birthstone for May:The new collection of green emerald jewelry from Brian Gavin is turning out to be quite popular! We sold quite a lot of it throughout the holiday season, and it was just as popular for the month of May because emerald is the birthstone for May.Although green emerald is the birthstone for people born ...Read More

By Danny
May 4

(Updated on May 4, 2018. Originally Published on September 21, 2016)“So my girlfriend and I are sitting on the couch watching a movie the other day, when suddenly I’m confronted with she views as a really romantic scene, which I saw more as a moment of impending doom. In the scene in the movie, the couple is having dinner, the ...Read More

By Danny
Apr 30

(Updated April 30, 2018. Originally Published Dec. 4, 2015)"Please tell me how I can tell whether a ring is 14k white gold. I inherited a bunch of jewelry from my grandmother, I’m pretty sure that the majority of it is real because my grandfather loved her very much and liked to spoil her. The problem is that some of the ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 9
Bigger Diamond Solitaire vs Smaller Diamond Halo Setting

“I know that my girlfriend really wants a one carat diamond, but that she also wants a fancy setting like the Sarah Halo engagement ring in platinum, and the reality is that I’m working with a budget of around $10k, and I don’t see the point of spending almost half my budget on a setting! We’re both concerned about the ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 5
Gift Guide: Red Ruby Rings, Pendants & Earrings

Bright red rubies and brilliant white diamonds look fantastic next to each other because the combination creates such striking contrast. Which makes these red ruby and diamond rings, pendants, and earrings from Brian Gavin such wonderful gifts for the holidays, valentine's, or any other time of year.Whether you present her with the complete set of ruby and diamond jewelry, or ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 12
Blue Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

Blue Sapphire Jewelry Gifts:Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry is a popular gift. People love to receive sapphire jewelry because the deep blue color is crisp and clean and goes with just about anything you might wear. Thus, the blue sapphire jewelry collection from Brian Gavin transitions from daily wear to evening wear quickly and easily, no second thought about what you’re ...Read More

By Danny

Custom Jewelry

Besides offering the finest performing jewelry in the world, Brian Gavin brings more than 30 years of experience in custom jewelry designs.

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