2014-06-10 14.17.25On June 12, Danny Gavin, Director of Marketing at Brian Gavin Diamonds, and Google Inc.’s Jesse Nichols spoke to an audience of over 1000 people at the 2014 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, IL.

Together, the duo spoke to the packed room about the importance of having a scalable analytics strategy and how it can foster insight-driven decision making for online businesses, allowing you to grow larger, faster. Gavin’s portion of the discussion focused on the experiences he’s had within his family’s eCommerce custom jewelry business and how acknowledging the importance of understanding your customer’s journey allows you to successfully give them the exact experience they desire that will end in sales. Nichols spent his time discussing Google Inc.’s newly launched version of Google Analytics called Enhanced Ecommerce that gives eRetailers the opportunity to see very specific action that take place in one site visit.

Through his vast experience in the marketing and consulting realm, Danny has had numerous teaching opportunities such as this, and is sought after for his uncanny ability to bridge the knowledge gap for executives and marketing professionals who are looking to develop and build upon their current internet marketing and social media skills.

Growing up in and around his family’s e-commerce business, Danny was able to immerse himself in the business from an early age. Prior to joining Brian Gavin Diamonds, Danny honed his marketing skills through his consulting roles with Centerpoint Energy, Brown-Forman, Houston Symphony, Softway Solutions and Blinds.com.


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