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Social Media and Internet Marketing Strategist and Implementer. Director of Marketing for the best Diamonds Online. Passionate Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter.

Mar 15
jennifer lopez jlo engagement ring alex rodriquez proposal

Famous performer Jennifer Lopez announced her engagement to Alex Rodriguez on Instagram a few days ago. One of the photographs shows Rodriguez kneeling down on one knee on the beach at sunset to propose to her with what another photograph reveals to be a massive emerald cut diamond engagement ring.How Big Is JLo’s Engagement Ring?It’s clearly evident from this photograph ...Read More

By Danny
Mar 3

“My girlfriend has indicated that she wants a pave set engagement ring without a halo surrounding the center stone, and I think that she will really like the 3 row domed pave setting from Brian Gavin, however it appears to only be available in 18k white gold or platinum; is there a reason why it is not offered in 14k ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 27
The Truth About Synthetic (Lab Grown) Diamonds

“Diamonds are only coal that stuck to their jobs, you see,” said the late American billionaire Malcolm Forbes. Considered one of the hardest materials in the world, the job of a diamond begins millions of years before it is born, formed under extreme geological pressure. This naturally occurring brilliant stone can be found buried deep in the ground all over ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 24

TranscriptionToday, we're on to some of the most frequently asked questions on how to shop for an engagement ring as a couple. If you have a question, ask those in the comments as you listen and we'll answer live.1. What are the benefits or cons of purchasing a ring together?Okay. So, here we go. What are the benefits or cons ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 15
Should i buy a round or princess cut engagement ring?

Hello Danny, I’m trying to decide between a round and princess cut diamond for an engagement ring and would appreciate any insight you can provide. I am on a limited budget, looking to spend around $3500 for the entire ring, which means that the diamond should cost around $3k, and while I was originally looking for a round, I noticed ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 11
Discover the Benefits of hearts and arrows diamonds

“With the understanding that Brian Gavin specializes in hearts and arrows ideal cut diamonds, I’d like to know whether a hearts and arrows diamond is worth the premium. I’ve read a lot of articles that suggest that hearts and arrows diamonds offer the highest volume of light return and the best sparkle factor, but how does that compare with the light ...Read More

By Danny
Feb 3
How accurate are diamond cut calculators?

“I’m trying to determine the best options available within the current inventory of in-stock Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamonds, as opposed to those that are available to be pre-ordered from the factory, because I’m in more of a hurry. While all of the BGD Signature diamonds seem to be pretty similar in diamond cut quality and proportions, ...Read More

By Danny
Dec 6

(Updated 12/6/18. Originally Published 5/21/14)Throughout time, diamond cutters have strived to perfect the balance between maximizing light return, visual performance, and the retention of carat weight. In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky, a mathematician and member of a prominent diamond cutting family, developed the formula which the modern round brilliant ideal cut diamond is based upon.The Tolkowsky Ideal Cut Diamond:Tolkowksy’s Diamond Design ...Read More

By Danny
Nov 12

I’m wondering whether hearts and arrows diamonds look bigger than non-ideal cut rounds. I’ve read that H&A diamonds are brighter and face-up whiter. While some people also say that they face-up larger and other people say that they look smaller. Of course, I realize that much of this depends on who is looking at the diamond and what kind of ...Read More

By Danny
Aug 6

“How much does a one carat, D, Flawless, diamond ring cost? I am planning on proposing within the next few months and want to buy my girlfriend the perfect engagement ring. I don’t want her to be able to see any flaws in the diamond, I want it to be flawless. To be honest, I’m just starting to learn more ...Read More

By Danny

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