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5 ways to match your wedding band and engagement ring

Sep 30

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Now you're engaged and feeling ecstatic! As far as wedding fashion goes, another purchase you'll need to make is your wedding band. You'll want to be sure it matches the amazing engagement ring your fiance found, of course. If you're feeling unsure of how best to match your ring and your band, here are a few tips:


There is a way to have too much, and that's the case when pairing a ring and a band. An engagement ring like Brian Gavin's Six Prong Solitaire is simple. To contrast and complement, choose an eternity band in which diamonds wrap all the way around. Keep the same metal and the two will look great together.

By the same token, a heavily jeweled engagement ring would look stunning next to a plain metal band. 

Colored stones

For an engagement ring with a colored jewel, find a band that incorporates that same color. You won't want the entire band to be covered in the gem, just accented by it. 

Uniquely shaped

Engagement rings with twisting bands or other more eclectic designs look best with a wedding band that fits with it like a puzzle. You'll want to go the custom engagement ring route with this option, because the ring and band will have to be designed to match. The Peggy Curved Band arches on the top to nestle perfectly with its paired engagement ring. 

Attention getter

If your engagement ring is heavily adorned, large and features an endless halo of diamonds, you might want something just as stand-out for your band. In some cases,  simple band will get lost behind the sparkle and size of larger ring. To ensure that your ring is gorgeous and not gaudy, enlist the Brian Gavin team's custom jewelry expertise.


Engagement rings with a full bezel setting and sleek simple band are modern. If this is your engagement ring style, you should avoid choosing a wedding ring that is too flowery or vintage. The two will clash. Instead, go with something equally contemporary. For example, pair your Full Bezel Solitaire ring with a Scattered Diamond Band. The band is simple, with several full bezel Signature melee diamonds. Both modern in design, these two rings complement each other perfectly. 


An engagement ring featuring filigree or organic shapes can be intricate on its own, making it difficult to pair. Choose one of your favorite features about the ring and seek a band with that same design. You'll be extracting the best part without overwhelming the engagement ring. 

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