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The Museum of Named Diamonds (museumofdiamonds.org) invites you to showcase your diamond online. You'll give your diamond a name that no other diamond has, share the story of what it means to you, and upload your favorite photos to represent it. Here's an example

Because Brian Gavin Diamonds is an official curator of the Museum, we are able to make this service available to you at no cost.
  Register My Diamond Now

Once registered, fun things you can do:

1. Share it with your friends and family on social media.  Friends and family often like to know when a diamond they've seen is featured in a Museum, and they might enjoy seeing what you chose to name your diamond and the reason behind it.

2. Update anything on the diamond’s page, including adding more pictures, adding more to the diamond’s story, or other changes. 

3. Purchase other services from the Museum.  For example, you can commission custom made artwork that’s based on your diamond’s name.

4. Receive a digital certificate confirming your diamond’s registration with the Museum, feel free to print it out and frame it or file it away if you’d like.

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