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Buy Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings & Custom Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings Online

The solitaire diamond ring is an elegant and traditional setting. It represents the beauty of two hearts and two lives joined as one. The solitaire setting is a perfect choice for a diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding ring, a solitaire diamond band for an anniversary gift, or as a profound expression of timeless love. And though it’s a simple and elegant setting, there are several variations available in solitaire ring designs to personalize and customize your selection.

The size and style of the band. Ideally, a diamond solitaire ring would conform to the size of the wearer’s hand. A narrower band takes on a delicate and graceful look on smaller fingers, and can make a diamond appear larger. A wider band blends with larger fingers and hands and may offer you more options in styles of settings to hold the diamond.

A choice of metals. A white gold or platinum solitaire setting can bring out the whiteness in a precisely cut stone like our Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows round brilliant diamonds, or one of our distinctive Signature princess cut diamonds. Some individuals prefer yellow gold for the contrast it offers to a well-cut diamond or other gemstone.

The shape of the stone. Your solitaire setting can be the perfect stage to spotlight the stone it holds. For a fancy or uncommon shaped diamond, like the oval, marquise or heart, the solitaire setting can focus attention of the unique qualities of the stone and cause it to stand out. But for optimum performance and brilliance, the classic Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows round brilliant or princess cuts will catch the eye in the widest variety of lighting conditions.

Like the one true and eternal love it symbolizes, the diamond solitaire ring setting showcases a single stone. Its classic appeal makes it appropriate for the most special of life occasions, and the simplicity of its design adds extra focus to the beauty and performance of the stone that it contains.

Have questions about customization? Contact us, and our designers can work with you to select the perfect solitaire setting design for your loved one.

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