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  • Wire Price $449.00
    Price $462.00
    Carat 0.2200 Color I Clarity VS1
    sku AGS-104095890024
  • Wire Price $373.00
    Price $385.00
    Carat 0.2200 Color J Clarity VS1
    sku AGS-104111575065

Brian Gavin Hearts & Arrows

Total Wire Price $822.00
Total Price $847.00
Brian Gavin Hearts & Arrows Brian Gavin Hearts & Arrows
Face-Up Shape Of A Polished Diamond - The Girdle Outline.
Round Round
0.2200 0.2200
D To Z Scale Is The Standard For Color Grading Diamonds, From Colorless To Light Yellow And Light Brown. Each Letter Represents A Range Of Color Based On A Diamond\'S Tone – Darkness Or Lightness – And Saturation – Intensity.
Clarity Characteristics Include Blemishes And Inclusions. Blemishes Are Limited To The Diamond’s Surface. Inclusions Can Extend From The Surface Into The Diamond’s Interior Or May Be Completely Enclosed Within The Diamond.
The Cut Grade Earned At The Grading Laboratory. AGS: Diamond-Specific Evaluation Based On Scientific Ray-Tracing GIA: Predictive Grade Based On Past Human Observation
Ideal Ideal
Table To Culet Depth; Expressed As A Percentage Of The Average Girdle Diameter.
61.4 61.7
The Size Of The Table Facet; Expressed As A Percentage Of The Average Girdle Diameter.
55.9 56.0
The Overall Condition Of The Facet Surfaces Of A Finished Diamond.
Ideal Ideal
The Shaping And Alignment Of The Diamond's Finished Facets.
Ideal Ideal
The Length, Width And Depth Of The Diamond Expressed In Mm.
3.88 x 3.90 x 2.39 3.88 - 3.84 x 2.38
$449.00 $373.00
Negligible Negligible
Name Of The Lab Where The Report Was Issued.
$462.00 $385.00
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We offer a Lifetime Upgrade Policy on Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows certified diamonds. This does not apply to jewelry that contains diamonds.

Brian Gavin Diamonds extends a 15-day inspection period on all diamonds and jewelry. Day 1 is the day that you receive the package. The following are some exceptions:

We offer a ONE YEAR Buy Back Policy on Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds and Brian Gavin "Blue" diamonds only. We will issue a check for 70% of the purchase price for diamonds that are in their original, undamaged condition and are accompanied by the original, undamaged AGS diamond report. If the AGS report has been lost, a new one can be issued at the AGS laboratory for the price of $200. If, on receipt, the diamond is found to be damaged in any way, you will be offered the option to repair and recertify the diamond at your expense. The buyback amount will be 70% of the prorated price of the newly cut diamond.

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