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The Princess Cut Diamond - Expanding Your Options

The princess cut, developed in the 1960s, is the second most popular diamond cut next to round brilliant cuts like our Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond. The face-up shape of the princess cut is either square or rectangular with pointed corners, however the better performing princess cuts are square with a ratio no greater than 1:1.10 - The profile appears similar to an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

“Really, you don’t even need to ask about quality or performance with Brian Gavin. All of his signature cut diamonds are stunning.” Marilyn H.

Different Shapes have Different Standards

“Fancy cut”€ diamonds, like the princess, emerald and oval cuts, traditionally have not been held to the same standards as round brilliant cuts. The crisp uniformity of patterns seen in precisely cut round diamonds is not possible with more complex facet arrangements found in fancy shapes. However, beginning in 2006, the American Gem Society (AGS) began providing cut performance grades for fancy shapes using a technologically advanced 3-dimensional system.
Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut Diamond

The new AGS grading system for fancy shapes prompted Brian Gavin to begin creating precision princess cuts of the highest performance standards - beginning with the Brian Gavin’s “A Cut Above” Princess Cut in 2006, halting the production in 2007.  Since then Brian has refined his princess cut, fine tuned his original design proportions, and tightened the parameters to give greater consistency and performance. This has led to the development of the Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut - offered exclusively by Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Brian Gavin
Signature Princess Cut

The Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut offers a very high degree of brilliance and performance. It is a beautiful diamond shape that has become the second most popular choice for diamond engagement rings and diamond anniversary rings. Its facet configuration is unique and completely different from that of a round brilliant (like our Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond) Our Signature Princess Cut has 32 facets on its pavilion, 20 facets cut on the crown, and 1 for the table. This specific facet configuration has been thoroughly researched by Brian Gavin, preferring the 3 chevron combination in the pavilion adding more virtual facets and he believes it delivers the most optically balanced look for the princess shape.

Precision Cut - What Makes Brian Gavin’s Signature Princess Diamond Stand Out

The precision of the cut in a Brian Gavin’s Signature Princess Diamond is what distinguishes it from an average or above average cut stone. A diamond’s facets are like tiny mirrors inside the stone reflecting light that enters.  Brian’s precision cuts bring the diamond’s facets into more exact alignment with each other. This creates the highest reflective values possible - and allows the full beauty and radiance of the stone to be revealed in all its intensity. The more well-defined contrast pattern in a Brian Gavin Signature diamond creates a sharper on-off scintillation and more light dispersion, delivering maximum return of available light to the viewer’s eye, even in low or poor lighting conditions.


The precision of a Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut fine-tunes the stone’s inherent brilliance, creating a truly fine performing diamond that will stand out in a crowd. A quality, precise cut will also improve a diamond’s face-up color and clarity. A more brilliant diamond will appear whiter in color and small inclusions become even less visible to the naked eye. There are other combinations and configurations available in the market, but Brian Gavin’s Signature Princess Cut provides both high consistency and high performance and provides you with a scintillating and striking option to our other fancy cut diamonds.


“Each Signature Princess Cut diamond communicates its own special meaning and emotion.  No other stone can speak as clearly your heart’s message of love.” Brian Gavin

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Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cuts Customer Reviews

Average Customer Ratings

5 11 Reviews

Latest Review
5 5
1.11500 E VVS2 (AGS-104083669001) By on December 03, 2018 Exactly as promised with excellent performance. This stone would be $12K+ in a retail store. I know, I diligently price compared.

11 Customer Reviews

5 5
1.06400 H VS1 (AGS-104091554001)
By on October 25, 2017 Very happy with the quality for the price.
5 5
0.53400 H VS1 (AGS-104089835005)
By on October 25, 2017 Very Happy for the price.
5 5
0.54400 H VS1 (AGS-104089835003)
By on October 25, 2017 Very happy for the price.
5 5
0.53700 G VS1 (AGS-104087776002)
By on May 30, 2017 I had a 3rd party assisting me and he repeatedly kept telling me I was dealing with the top percentile of diamonds in the world.and I kept saying ya ya I get it...UMMMMM...I didn't!!!!!! The second I saw the diamond I was speechless and finally understood. Its been week's since I gave her the ring and I still get texts and calls about how she was just sitting and admiring her ring.
5 5
0.71100 J VS1 (AGS-104078379003)
By on May 05, 2017 great customer service. very patient and understanding
5 5
0.72600 G VS2 (AGS-104084083005)
By on December 21, 2016 Faces up much whiter than I was expecting, stunning!
5 5
0.73500 H VS1 (AGS-104083669006)
By on May 25, 2016 Very nice diamond for a great direct buy price. Love that it is certified by a very reputable diamond rater.
5 5
0.96500 G SI1 (AGS-104079916002)
By on April 17, 2016 This diamond is stunning. Extremely shiny and my fiancee gets comments on how much people love it, all the time
5 5
1.56700 G VS2 (AGS-104074027001)
By on April 13, 2016 The stone sparkles like no other, I am mesmerised by its brilliance, true craftsmanship, absolutely amazing, so very happy I made the choice to go with The Brian Gavin team

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