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Brian Gavin's Signature Cushion with Hearts and Arrows

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hearts picture of cushion with hearts and arrows

The Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond with Hearts and Arrows

Bringing the world a diamond that features the highest degree of optical symmetry, master diamond cutter Brian Gavin has once again delivered a truly distinctive diamond design—one that features the exacting balance  required to produce a perfect hearts and arrows pattern. A masterpiece of artisanship and skill, this timeless diamond readily reveals its creator's discerning eye and practiced hand.    

Brian Gavin is proud to introduce his creative interpretation of the cushion-cut diamond, complete with hearts and arrows motif, to the world. Also called a pillow cut, this attractive diamond shape, which is closely related to the Old Mine Cut that originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is well-suited for use in an engagement ring, pendant, earrings or other ring style. Once a widely appreciated gemstone cut, the cushion cut is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and Brian Gavin has made his stunning version of this classic style available to you.

A Stone of Uncommon Brilliance

Graded AGS 0 (Ideal) for Light Performance, this Brian Gavin diamond boasts a brightness comparable to a round brilliant. It has inspired a glowing review by Peter Yantzer, head of the American Gem Society Laboratories, who has stated regarding this Gavin design, "a Cushion shaped diamond with round brilliant faceting provides the highest levels of brilliance and dispersion" (AGS is the foremost laboratory specializing in grading and Light Performance Technology for the evaluation of diamonds.)    

More brilliant than many round stones—which have long been considered the industry standard for brilliance—the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond with Hearts and Arrows has been carefully cut and precisely formulated to achieve maximum brilliance (brightness) and fire (flashes of color). Its 57 finely crafted facets plus culet yield a total of 58 perfectly cut surfaces to reflect and refract light, reproducing the stunning effect of the round brilliant in a cushion cut. With its perfect hearts and arrows patterning, assuring the maximum sparkle factor and far outshining stones of other shapes, this expertly cut Brian Gavin diamond is sure to take its place among the classics.    

Master Craftsmanship Makes the Difference    

 Brian Gavin has skillfully cut and crafted this stylish diamond, meticulously sculpting the square-shaped stone to feature gently rounded corners and sides that soften the stone's appearance, creating a uniquely appealing romantic look. Presenting a uniformly thin girdle—the outer edge where the stone's top (crown) and bottom (pavilion) portions meet—this diamond offers greater beauty and durability than less-carefully crafted cushion-cut stones, many of which often have either extremely thin or extremely thick girdles—either of which makes them more prone to chipping at this crucial junction. A too-thick girdle can also create the visual impression of a chalk line around the edge of the diamond—a look that makes the stone less attractive. The girdle of every Brian Gavin diamond—along with every other part of the stone's anatomy—is designed to provide the optimal combination of beauty and structural integrity that signifies a quality piece. This is the sort of meticulous attention to detail that makes a Brian Gavin diamond such a worthwhile investment.     

Ideal Proportions Create a Whiter-Looking Stone     

The Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond with Hearts and Arrows is carefully crafted to feature Ideal proportions, making even lower color-grade stones, such as J or K, appear much whiter to the eye. Through his technical skill and creative artistry, Brian Gavin draws out each stone's natural beauty, making it perform to its full potential. This precision gem-cutting process, while time-consuming, makes it possible for you to enjoy a whiter-looking stone at a more affordable price.

“The most important characteristic is cut -- which has the greatest impact on a diamond's overall beauty.”
Brian Gavin

The Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows Pattern 

Fifth-generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin, who learned the trade not far from the diamond mines of South Africa where he grew up, has made his mark by developing a variety of signature diamond designs over the years. But it was his groundbreaking 1998 precedent-setting improvement on the original hearts and arrows diamond design created by Japanese gem cutters in the 1980s that earned Gavin worldwide renown. Gavin's original version of the hearts and arrows design was known as A Cut Above®. In 2009, he established a new standard in hearts and arrows diamond craftsmanship. His current Cut beyond Brilliant® Signature Hearts and Arrows round brilliant line remains in great demand among discerning diamond buyers around the world.    

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