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  1. Cassidy
  2. Lily
  3. Juno Matching Band
    Juno Matching Band
  4. Livia
  5. Sleek Micro Pave Matching Band
    Sleek Micro Pave Matching Band
  6. Anna
  7. Legera Pave Matching Band
    100% of 100
    Legera Pave Matching Band
  8. 810B-8
  9. Therese
  10. Marquise and Round Band With Milgrain
    Marquise and Round Band With Milgrain
  11. Marquise and Round Band
    100% of 100
    Marquise and Round Band
  12. Naomi
  13. Seven Stone Bar Set Band
    Seven Stone Bar Set Band
  14. R3311B
  15. Jurica Matching Band
    Jurica Matching Band
  16. Michelle Matching Band
    Michelle Matching Band
  17. Five Stone Trellis Band II
    100% of 100
    Five Stone Trellis Band II
  18. Scalloped Diamond Stackable
    Scalloped Diamond Stackable
  19. Seven Stone Shared Prong Band
    Seven Stone Shared Prong Band
  20. Avery Matching Band
    Avery Matching Band
  21. Engraved Bead Set Band
    Engraved Bead Set Band
  22. Erika Fishtail Pave Band
    Erika Fishtail Pave Band
  23. Diamond Bezel Band
    Diamond Bezel Band
  24. Milgrain Bead Set Half Eternity
    100% of 100
    Milgrain Bead Set Half Eternity

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Diamond Eternity and Wedding Bands

As you’ll see from the variety of designs and configurations of wedding and anniversary bands on our Web site, truly, today’s rings that celebrate marriage have come a long-way-baby. The circular concept of the classic wedding band may be all that remains unchanged, while creativity and personal styles have stretched the limits of our ideas about what a wedding band can look like, all to personalize our individual expressions of the heart.

Many people come to our Web site because of Brian Gavin’s reputation for offering some of the highest quality, best performing diamonds found anywhere. Diamonds are the perfect accompaniment to a wedding or anniversary band or set, so we invite you to browse and consider one of designs featured in our online Diamond Eternity Band collection – diamond wedding bands and sets, diamond anniversary bands, and even diamond eternity engagement rings. Each is set with Brian Gavin Signature melee. (Melee is small diamonds that ordinarily range in weight from as low as 0.001 carats [1000th/carat] to 0.20 carats.)

You’ll see designs and terms that may be familiar or unfamiliar like 4 Stone Rings, 5 Stone Rings and 7-Stone Diamond Bands, Tiffany-Style Diamond Eternity Bands, Scattered Diamond Bands, Micro Pave Diamond Bands, Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Bands, Bead Set Eternity Bands, Shared Prong Diamond Bands, 1/2 and 3/4 Diamond Eternity Bands, Bezel Set Diamond Eternity Bands and Matching Diamond Bands. Don’t be confused. There are as many names as variations on the theme of the classic diamond wedding band. And as we’ve said elsewhere, there are no set rules about wedding and anniversary ring designs, other than they should please you and your loved one and fit your personal style, taste and budget.

Possibly you have seen a design that you like already, or have picture in your mind of the perfect design for you, but don’t see exactly what you want in our catalog. Don’t worry, we welcome custom ring design requests. Nine out of 10 of the ring designs in our catalog began as custom-designed pieces. And remember, we invite you to call us to help – 1-866-611-4465. We offer you our 30 years experience in translating design ideas and dreams into reality. And we’d love to do the same for you.

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