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  1. Georgia Wedding Band
    Georgia Wedding Band
  2. Lonny Wedding Band
    Lonny Wedding Band
  3. Scarlett
  4. Legera Matching Band
    Legera Matching Band
  5. Bliss 5 stone
    Bliss 5 stone
  6. The Anita Matching Band
    The Anita Matching Band
  7. Classic Half Round 2mm Matching Band
    Classic Half Round 2mm Matching Band
  8. Knife Edge Matching Band
    Knife Edge Matching Band
  9. X-Prong Matching Band
    X-Prong Matching Band
  10. Grace Matching Band
    Grace Matching Band
  11. Petite Pave Matching Band 14K White Gold
    100% of 100
    Petite Pave Matching Band
  12. Ivy Classic 14K White Gold
    Ivy Classic
  13. 810B-9
  14. Finn
  15. Dylan
  16. Theo
  17. Ivy
  18. Twisted
  19. Men's Princess
    100% of 100
    Men's Princess
  20. Wyatt
    100% of 100
  21. Men\'s Flat Brushed Band
    Men\'s Flat Brushed Band
  22. Jude
  23. Sloped Carbon Fiber
    Sloped Carbon Fiber
  24. Sawyer

Items 1-24 of 28

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Classic Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Variety, it’s said, is the spice of life, yet to many of us, the tradition of making a life-long commitment calls for a traditional, classic perspective. And for these people, the classic wedding band is the obvious choice. Still, even with a classic design there is room for personal expression and customization.

That’s why Brian Gavin offers you and your loved one classic women's wedding bands, men's wedding bands, hearts and arrows mens rings, and anniversary ring designs with extra-ordinary beauty and style. Select from flat, round, half-round and milgrain bands in yellow, white, or rose gold, silver, platinum or palladium. You’ll find satin, brushed and shiny finishes with elegant and stylish patterns, and some inset with diamond melee. Experience how a classic ring design can make a very extra-ordinary statement to express your deepest feelings.

Maybe you have your own ideas about an interpretation of the “classic” wedding band for your wedding or anniversary, we welcome custom ring design requests. Almost 95% of the ring designs you’ll find in our online catalog began as custom-designed pieces. So, give us a call at 1-866-611-4465. We offer more than 30 years experience in translating classic concepts into personal statements of love. And we’d love to do the same for you.

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