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  1. Flowers Small Pendant
    Flowers Small Pendant
  2. Flowers Medium Pendant
    Flowers Medium Pendant
  3. Rope Infinity Inspired Necklace
    Rope Infinity Inspired Necklace
  4. Infinity Inspired Diamond Pendant
    Infinity Inspired Diamond Pendant
  5. Infinity Inspired Pendant
    Infinity Inspired Pendant
  6. Twist Pendant
    100% of 100
    Twist Pendant
  7. Duet Pendant
    Duet Pendant
  8. Four Prong Pendant for Princess
    Four Prong Pendant for Princess
  9. Fiorella Pendant
    Fiorella Pendant
  10. Flowers of Paradise Pendant
    Flowers of Paradise Pendant
  11. Four Prong Kite Set
    Four Prong Kite Set
  12. Enduring Love
    Enduring Love
  13. Eight Prong Pendant
    Eight Prong Pendant
  14. Six Prong Basket
    100% of 100
    Six Prong Basket
  15. Flowers Large Pendant
    Flowers Large Pendant
  16. Barbara Martini
    Barbara Martini
  17. Circle of Life
    Circle of Life
  18. Heart of Life
    Heart of Life
  19. Diamond Star
    Diamond Star
  20. Open Halo Pendant
    Open Halo Pendant
  21. 7 Stone Cluster Pendant
    7 Stone Cluster Pendant
  22. Marguerite
  23. Half Bezel Pendant
    100% of 100
    Half Bezel Pendant
  24. Halo Bezel Pendant
    Halo Bezel Pendant

Items 1-24 of 37

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Diamond Pendants and Necklaces

Diamond pendants have been worn by both men and women of various cultures for centuries. They were considered more than ornamental jewelry, they often communicated a person’s social status, allegiance or identity. Pendants were sometimes worn as a talisman, hanging close to the heart, considered the seat of the soul, they provided protection or power to the wearer.  A Brian Gavin diamond pendant necklace set with one or more of our Signature or Select diamonds is a perfect expression of love and admiration and are appropriate to wear everyday, with any wardrobe change. Worn close to the heart, they are a subtle reminder to the wearer of the purity and protection of your love, in ways that other jewelry cannot express.

On our Web site, you’ll find a stunning variety of custom diamond pendants in elegant designs, both classic and contemporary, created to Brian Gavin’s exacting standards and craftsmanship, and set with the highest quality Brian Gavin Signature or Select diamonds. You’ll find classic solitaire diamond pendants in settings like our 4-Prong Diamond Pendant, 3-Prong Martini Diamond Pendant, both Slider and Fixed-Bezel Diamond Pendants, the Half-Bezel and Cushion Bezel Pendants, and our looped Diamnd Barbara Pendant setting.  For multi-stone brilliance, select a 3-Stone Diamond Martini Pendant or a 7-Stone Cluster Pendant.  We also offer a range of choices in chains, like the classic cable chain, wheat chain or bead chain. Make a powerful statement of your love. Give a gift (or choose one for yourself) that will be cherished and held close to the heart for a lifetime. A Brian Gavin Diamond Pendant Necklace is the perfect choice.

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