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Pave & Side Stones Engagement Rings

Pave & Side Stones Engagement Rings

Brian Gavin Diamonds pavé and side stone engagement rings are the perfect choice for your upcoming proposal because it offers flexibility with different settings. Choose from solitaire settings, pavé ring settings, side stone settings, halo settings, and more. We cut each center diamond with precision to maximize light performance, to offer you a gorgeous piece of jewelry that will dazzle for a lifetime. Find the perfect pavé and side stone engagement ring online or craft a unique ring with one of our expert bridal jewelry designers. Read more

Designer Diamond Pavé Engagement Rings and Side Stone Engagement Rings

Pavé and side stone rings feature a single center stone with a cluster of other stones mounted on the ring. They are a beautiful variation of the traditional three-stone setting for brides that love added elegance and sparkle for an elevated classic engagement ring style.

Whether you’re looking for a designer pavé engagement ring or a diamond ring with side stones, a Brian Gavin Diamonds custom engagement ring is the perfect piece of jewelry to witness the sweet and intimate moments of your love story. These brilliant engagement ring settings can bring any creative vision to life to give your bride the ring of her dreams.

What Are Pavé and Side Stone Engagement Rings?

The pavé ring setting (pronounced pah-vay) creates a carpet of brilliance and sparkle across the entire surface of your designer engagement ring. The center diamond is surrounded by a ring of smaller accent diamonds, gemstones, or diamond melee. The stones are so closely grouped together it looks as though it's "paved" or encrusted with gems.

Side stone engagement rings have small diamonds or diamond melee inset into the channel set or shared prong shank of the side stone diamond ring.

You have options to make the side stones of your setting truly unique to your proposal and bride with customizations on the diamond and engagement ring style you want. The only limitation is the ideas and visions you have in mind to bring your dream engagement ring to life.

Finding the Right Cut for Your Pavé Engagement Ring

Love is as diverse as the unique traits that make each couple a once-in-a-lifetime love story. Choosing the right pavé band engagement ring or side stone diamond ring that perfectly expresses your love can be a challenge. 

A Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond is the perfect center stone for either of these engagement ring settings. The round, cushion, or square cut of a Hearts and Arrows diamond looks especially elegant when surrounded by smaller crystals. 

Create your Dream Custom Engagement Ring with Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds

Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, settings, clarity, color, and performance. Whether your bride likes the warmer glow of yellow gold, the romantic appearance of rose gold, or the classic white gold, you can choose between 14k or 18k based on the engagement ring style you want. 

We also have platinum bands for brides that like the white gold look with a heavier feel, great durability, and have sensitivities to other metals. 

If you have a specific diamond engagement ring in mind for the pavé setting or side stone setting, our skilled designers will collaborate with you to produce a beautiful diamond engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring that will shine forever in your memories.

Pavé and Side Stone Engagement Rings FAQ

What should I know before buying a pavé diamond engagement ring?

There are many choices for the pave setting or side stone setting – you’re not done just because you’ve decided on pavé. You can customize the type of metal band you want, as well as the attributes of your diamond, including diamond cut, color, clarity, carat, and its shape.

Designer pave diamond engagement rings are more elaborate and use high quality diamonds like the Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds. Some of our best sellers include the Truth Micro Pavé Princess and Truth Micro Pavé Eternity.

What metal should I choose for a pave diamond ring?

There’s no right answer here. Brian Gavin Diamonds engagement ring styles come in platinum and 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Some brides love to wear white-colored jewelry, making 18k white gold or platinum a great choice. Other brides might love the subtle glow of a 14k versus 18k yellow gold engagement ring or the touch of color that rose gold offers. 

Does a pavé setting make the center diamond look smaller?

No – since pavé setting means the center diamond is surrounded by smaller accent stones, the center stone can actually look bigger even if you choose a lighter carat weight. The additional side stones add brilliance and sparkle to pavé and side stone rings, which helps the center diamond appear larger.

Is a pavé setting durable?

Both the bright cut pave setting and modern pavé setting are durable. Diamonds in a bright cut pavé setting are protected by channel walls that frame them. The melee diamonds are secured by two to four beads per stone, giving it added security. The modern pavé setting has cups carved of metal where the center stone sits.

Choosing diamond size for your pavé engagement ring

Refer to the diamond carat weight size chart for reference on how a diamond looks on your finger. Ideally, a diamond pavé and side stone ring should conform to the size of the wearer’s hand. However, some brides enjoy a larger diamond while others prefer a daintier look. You want to choose a diamond size that you love, is within your budget, and suits the activities you perform.

Choosing the right shape

There are different cut shapes you can choose from for a pavé and side stone ring. While a classic round cut diamond is popular, we also have pear shapes, princess cut, emeralds, ovals, and more. 

Choosing the right diamond shape means finding a diamond that matches well with the engagement ring style you want. It’s important to note that diamond cut shape differs from cut performance.

The 4Cs + 1 of diamonds

Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds are graded on a diamond grading system. We rigorously follow the 4Cs + 1 to ensure our diamonds are cut precisely and offer each bride with the best quality. 4Cs + 1 refers to a diamond’s clarity, color, carat weight, cut performance, and diamond cut shape. These standards were created by the Gemological Institute of America to assess each diamond and ensure you know the diamond cut quality you’re buying.

Can Brian Gavin Diamonds help me design a custom pavé engagement ring?

Although we have a great catalog of pavé setting and side stone setting rings, you can also choose to build your own engagement ring. Work with your designer to finalize the metal band you want and the 4Cs + 1 of the diamond you want, which includes its color, clarity, cut (performance and shape), and carat. 

We would be honored to bring your pavé setting ring or side stone setting ring vision to life! 

Can I buy a pave or side stone engagement ring with a lab grown diamond?

Yes! In fact, pave and side stone settings are popular choices for engagement rings, and they can have a center stone featuring one of our lab-grown diamonds. Whether you prefer a classic, vintage, or modern design, this style can prove to be a stunning and meaningful symbol of your love and commitment.