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Salt Lake City Engagement Rings, Loose Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry

Salt Lake City: A Sparkling Crossroads of the West

Salt Lake City, Utah is widely known for being the home of the Mormon Church. While the Mormons still are a large part of Salt Lake's populace, the city is so much more than just a singular community. Salt Lake City has grown into a bustling metropolitan area, while still being able to somehow hold onto a good portion of its highly principled and moral roots. Add into the friendly and inviting population the fact that the scenery in the area is some of the most spectacularly beautiful in America and you have a city that is not only a great place to live, but a wonderful tourist destination, as well.

Brian Gavin and his team at Brian Gavin Diamonds are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to become an even bigger part of Salt Lake's thriving society. With their incredible array of stunning engagement rings, fantastic, top rate diamond jewelry and some of the finest cut loose diamonds in the world, Brian Gavin Diamonds fits nicely into a community that is naturally surrounded by so much beauty.

When traveling in the western part of the US, there is a lot to see and do in Salt Lake City. It's definitely a city that should not be missed.

  • Great Salt Lake - Of course, one of the top attractions in the Salt Lake City region is the magnificent body of water that supplies the city with its name. The Great Salt lake is the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere, and it is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty that is purely breathtaking. It is not uncommon while visiting the Antelope Island at the Great Salt Lake to see a bison, or even a herd, strolling by.

    The Great Salt Lake provides a wonderfully tranquil experience for any who choose to walk the area. It is also a great backdrop for a romantic encounter, such as a wedding proposal. The beauty of the lake and the surrounding hills and mountains makes for a perfect setting for popping the question.

When that magic moment is at hand, having allowed the team at Brian Gavin Diamonds to help guide you through the process of finding or creating just the perfect engagement ring is ensuring that the ring will be an absolute stunner. Brian's team is very experienced at making engagement ring dreams come true. Their impeccable reputation amongst their customers/friends speaks volumes about the care, concern and enthusiasm they put into every design.

  • Clark Planetarium - This dive into the cosmos is a great experience for young and old alike. The Clark Planetarium is loaded with fascinating exhibits and interactive displays that are great fun for adults and their children. It's a great way to spend some quality time under the stars without even having to wait for the sun to set. Wearing your new piece of diamond jewelry at the planetarium is a great way to show it off to the world. For the most part, the stars of the cosmos won't get too upset about having their shine outshined.

Brian Gavin is a fifth generation master diamond cutter, having learned the craft in his family's diamond factory in South Africa. Brian's creative and imaginative designs and cuts have made him a much respected diamond expert throughout the world. He and his friendly, accommodating staff truly can't wait to assist you in finding that perfect piece of diamond jewelry that will dazzle your special someone for all of your lives.

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