Brian Gavin and Martin Rapaport discuss….
08 Jan 2009

Brian Gavin and Martin Rapaport discuss Conflict Diamonds. The JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas, the industry’s annual premier buying event, takes place over the first weekend of June every year. On the Monday morning of the show, Martin Rapaport,…

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More Images Of True Love
07 Jan 2009

Many of you have requested in emails and on the blog for more images. Here goes... enjoy [gallery order="DESC"]

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What one of my 'design days'…
05 Jan 2009

I have had many requests asking what one of my days was like at whiteflash. It's a fair question so let me try and fill you in.  A  little over a year ago, my eldest son got married to a…

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Hello world!
01 Jan 2009

Welcome! This is Brian the Cutter's blog

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