Gem is a loyal client of Brian Gavin Diamonds. She recently reached out to one of our specialists, Jamie, to inquire about buying a thin band to separate her engagement ring and eternity band because she discovered that the diamonds were scratching the prongs.

Jamie was able to look at the ring and concluded that there was damage to her engagement ring where the band has been rubbing against it and recommended the new spacer band that will eliminate the damage.

Gem agreed with the decision and opted for the spacer band. She sent her rings in to be cleaned and so we could fix the damage; making the ring look new!

"Jamie! Thank you so much! You guys did it again. My rings look absolutely beautiful and I can't even tell that my engagement ring had damage at all. It looks like a brand new ring!

You guys are awesome, big hugs!"

We are happy to help our clients with anything from buying a new ring to fixing old ones! We are so glad we were able to fix Gem's engagement ring and make it look new.



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