1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows round Pave Platinum engagement ring Eliot and Anastasia were best friends growing up, and in their senior year of high school, they started dating and fell in love. Nine years later, Eliot was ready to propose and he came to Brian Gavin Diamonds to create the perfect custom engagement ring.

"I knew I wanted to hit a certain size but at the same time meet a certain budget. I was very grateful to the Brian team that they kept me in mind when our stone hit their inventory. It was exactly what I was looking for!"

Eliot and our team chose a 1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond in a 3/4 Eternity Pave Platinum setting. "Meeting Brian in person was a true pleasure, his passion shone through as he educated me on diamonds. He made sure that I didn't just settle for good but I went and got the best. Everyone talks about how much fire Anastasia's diamond has and that is no accident, her stone is truly a one of a kind work of art."

All that was left was the proposal! Eliot and Anastasia discussed her dream proposal ahead of time, but that didn't make the execution any easier for Eliot. "I gave Eliot the impossible task of a private proposal and having everyone there at the same time, and he certainly rose up to the challenge. My 25th birthday was coming up and I told him that I wanted to do a big vacation in NOLA with all of our friends. We ended up having 26 people come down to NOLA and celebrate with us for the whole weekend."

Eliot saw the perfect opportunity to propose on Anastasia's birthday weekend. He told her they were going to have a romantic dinner, just the two of them, on Saturday night. They both got all dressed up, and Anastasia didn't suspect a thing! Eliot had booked a private room at a diner, and it was full of their friends waiting to surprise Anastasia. When they arrived at the private dining room, all of their friends screamed "surprise!"

"Little did I know, the night of surprises was just beginning." Anastasia said.

Eliot surprised her with a beautiful video featuring all of their friends and loved ones wishing her a happy birthday, and then he surprised her with a trip to one of their favorite places on earth, Universal Studios, Orlando. With so many surprises coming her way, she never suspected what Eliot had planned next.

There was a professional photographer there to "photograph the birthday party", and Eliot convinced Anastasia to go to the perfect proposal spot by telling her that the photographer had to leave soon. He led Anastasia away from the group of partygoers in pursuit of the perfect New Orleans birthday picture.

"We took pictures all through the city, ending at a gorgeous rooftop at sundown, which was laid out in roses, candles and huge letters spelling out: Marry Me. A few minutes after he proposed all of our friends joined us on the rooftop and that's how I got my perfect private/public proposal."

And what did Anastasia think of her new engagement ring?

"The first time I saw the ring, I was blown away. It was exactly the ring I've always dreamed of but it was better than I could have ever imagined in person! In every type of light, it shines and glistens from within."

Congratulations to Eliot and Anastasia from everyone on the Brian Gavin Diamonds team!

1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows round Pave Platinum engagement ring

1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows round Pave Platinum engagement ring


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