Gene and Ciara's love story began when they met while working at a clinic together. "I'm a physician, and she was assigned as my nurse. We were both very shy around each other due to the attraction. As I was a rotating physician at the clinic, I couldn't ask her out as it would make it uncomfortable for her. Fortunately, she asked me out, and we hit it off from the first date."

When it was time, Gene put lots of thought into finding the perfect ring to go along with the perfect proposal! Jamie from the BGD team was able to help him decide on a setting and a diamond that his soon-to-be fiance would love!

"Jaime helped me find the diamond I was looking for, giving me confidence in what I was buying without seeing it in person first. [The diamond buying process is] a bit overwhelming, but Jamie was a great help in picking the diamond and setting and made the whole process easy once I decided on the diamond."

Gene decided on a Legera Pave Platinum Ring with a 1.412 H VVS2 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond. Once he received his ring, it was time to plan the proposal!

"I had heard about a special program at Michter's where you get to bottle your own bottle and custom make your label, so I thought this would be a fun way to propose without her being suspicious, be able to have an excuse to film it and completely surprise her. Unfortunately, when I called, the spots for this was filled up, but if I came right when they opened, they said they might be able to squeeze us in somewhere. So I woke her up at 2 am Saturday morning and drove her down to Louisville (which she wasn't too thrilled about) and went straight to Michter's to try to get a spot. We got in right away, and I quickly made out a custom label that read "Ciara, Will you marry me?". First, I bottled my bottle, put on my labels, boxed the whiskey, and took my photos. Then she went, put her bottle in the box, looked up for the picture, looked down at the label on the box and read my proposal, and was completely surprised. She accepted!! We had a bunch of pictures taken and were congratulated by the entire staff (this was their first proposal at the distillery) and then we went down to meet her mom and sister to tell them the news. When we got down there she went to talk to her mom, the sun was setting, and Ciara lifted up her left hand to block the sun, the diamond caught the light of the sun and everyone saw the ring and knew before we could tell them. The rest, as they say, is history."

Congratulations Gene and Ciara on your engagement. Thank you for choosing Brian Gavin Diamonds to be a part of your love story!


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