How many wedding comedies feature some sort of ring engraving blunder? A few probably come to mind, and although it's funny in film, you might not want to be the butt of a joke when it comes to the big purchase you make for your special day. If you choose to get your ring engraved with Brian Gavin Diamonds, we will make sure the text, font, and size are perfect. In an effort to protect your wallet and future spouse's patience, we're offering four tips that we keep in mind to ensure your engraving comes out the way you imagined.

engraved ring
Ring Size

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, you need to know the ring's width. If the ring you want to engrave is too slim, most engravers won't be able to work on it. Be sure to get a ring no less than 3mm wide, but keep in mind that a width of 5-7mm will yield the best results.

There might not be much room because some rings have a karat stamp, so it's important to discuss with your jeweler about the engraving's placement. Also, please make sure the ring fits! If the ring doesn't fit right, the engraving has to be redone.

Length of Text

If you expect to write a full sentence, you might need to rethink. In general, it's best to stick to a few words or a phrase. Some engravers can do a full sentence, but it will most likely come out too small to see.

bgd engravings
Font Choice

It's generally recommended to go with a clear, crisp and simple font. If you have an intricate or script-centered font in mind, be wary the curly tails and swirling lines that might it difficult to read. The last thing you want is for your loved one to be puzzled over what you were trying to say. However, we do all of our engravings individually, so we are able to work with you on a font that will make your message come out come out beautifully.

What to Engrave

Whether it's humorous, congratulatory, or romantic, figuring out what to say is perhaps the most important thing. Make sure you write out legibly exactly what you want the jeweler to engrave, so there are no miscommunications or discrepancies.

Some ideas include:
  • Always
  • Forever
  • Our love is eternal
  • I thee wed
  • Amore mio (My love, Italian)
Engravings are a wonderful way to personalize your jewelry for a loved one. It's the perfect way to say I love you in your own personal way and can be something only the two of you know about. Brian Gavin Diamonds takes pride in customizing jewelry for its customers and making sure each piece purchased is special and represents something greater than a price tag. Find your next engraved piece, visit our website.  


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